Thankful Thursday

  I drove by a crime scene this morning. There was the crime scene yellow tape, the police cars, the detectives walking around the yard. Crowds were gathering, and as I drove past there was that sick feeling in my stomach…not just that something bad had happened, but that sense that it was just an indicator of so much bad that is happening, not just here, but all around us, mostly hidden in the shadows, but so very present andRead more


So, I read this quote by Oswald Chambers just a little bit ago and my heart so got it, and …well, out poured the song.  Here’s the quote, then the song. “We must stop using religion as if it were some type of lofty lifestyle – we must be spiritually real.” ~ Oswald Chambers   Manger, cross, crown of thorns washing feet, enduring scorn Almighty God to earth in human form How can it be?   Seeing through the grandRead more

like grains of sand

  “Your thoughts—how rare, how beautiful God, I’ll never comprehend them. I couldn’t even begin to count them—    any more than I could count the sand of the sea. Psalm 139:17-18        Read more

Troubled Waters

So, I’m really not 100% sure what made this poem pour out of me at 5:45 this morning, but it did. I was kind of struck by looking at a dear friend’s eyes yesterday and seeing one who was troubled, and it stirred that up in me as well. Anyway, I’m not sure if any readers are feeling ‘troubled’ right now, and of course, I hope you aren’t. But if you are, here are a few reminders to not lookRead more

December Prayer

December Prayer I’m determined to remember I’m determined to forget On this last day in December I choose to move beyond regret   For it is often in the choosing Of what to hold and to let go for what we focus on will hold us And what we feed in life will grow I’ll forget what lies behind me Those things I cannot change But hold dear the lessons learned and Find the beauty that remains I’ll ‘forget’ theRead more

Silent Sunday

Gifts to the king…what do I bring do i journey from near and from far What gifts do I bring, bring to the King Do I follow His beckoning star that leads to the place, this manger of grace which one day will lead to a cross What gifts do I bring, bring to the King What’s gained overwhelms any cost So what gifts do I bring, bring to the King Who beckons all come as we are Lay allRead more

a few thoughts on giving and (not) receiving…

“You can lead a horse to water but  you can’t make him drink” You can share the deepest truth, but you can’t force one to think You can light a brilliant candle, but a friend can close their eyes You can prepare a wondrous feast, but can’t give an appetite You can give the greatest gift, but one must choose to receive You can share the greatest truths, but one must choose to believe What we can do yes weRead more

Wordless Wednesday

Summer sky, summer sigh Periwinkle Blue Summer Sky, summer sigh Warm wind breezes through Summer sky, lows and highs Quiet winds resound Summer sky, drawing nigh Calmed by sights and sounds   (Not so….)  Wordless WednesdayRead more

Silent Sunday

After the clouds, the storm, the rain Wispy clouds filter in again Moving fast then moving slow Painting the sky with hues of gold After the rain, before the  night Sun sinking low, as though dimming the light Another day ending, permission to rest Like a kiss before bedtime melts away stress these respite reminders leave me blessed   Yes the Heavens declare the glory of God Respite reminders say keep pressing on Blessed and assured that we’re never aloneRead more

waves of blue

Waves of Blue on Mountains High Rolling in  as I stroll by I Lift my heart,  I Lift my eyes As waves of blue draw me nigh And what comes as I lift my eyes Waves of Grace I can’t denyRead more