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GRACE, like a blanket of snow

Comes in and quickly covers.

GRACE, like a blanket of snow

Paints the world a different color.

Grace, like  a Southern snow

makes things STOP, pause, breathe, not go

Sometimes we all just need to know

There’s grace that covers


GRACE, like a deep winter Snow

Allows there to be beauty where there’s no growth

Allows the light to reflect and show

What is, not what will be

And calls it all beauty

So thankful for the grace, the snow

that helps me see, helps me know

That I can just  be still and know

This grace that covers me

That I can just be still, like snow

Grace comes in and helps me see

What is, not what will be

And covers, covers me.



December Prayer

I’m determined to remember
I’m determined to forget
On this last day in December
I choose to move beyond regret

For it is often in the choosing
Of what to hold and to let go
for what we focus on will hold us
And what we feed in life will grow

I’ll forget what lies behind me
Those things I cannot change
But hold dear the lessons learned and
Find the beauty that remains

I’ll ‘forget’ the things that held me
The things that weighed me down
The regrets and prayers unanswered
to live a life that just resounds
Of the simple Faith that moves me
So simple yet profound
The truth that God has given grace
The Truth that I, the Lost, am found

So I choose to remember
And I choose to forget
On this last day of December
I know God’s not done with me yet

I forget what lies behind me
I focus on the prize
For so often destinations
are merely where we’ve set our sights

I’m determined to breathe in
I’m determined to breathe out
To embrace the moment where I stand
And pray that God’s grace will allow
Us to see some more Decembers
To make the most of each new Day
To live a simple life that speaks
Of God’s Amazing Grace

For the Alpha and Omega
Redeemer, Lord, and Friend
Was there at the beginning
And will be there at the end
Always endings bring beginnings
When one stops, one must begin
I will journey on just knowing
That He is with me till the end
And then with me…
whatever is next

I’m determined to remember
I’m determined to forget
I’m determined to hold on to the Truth
that I am not Home yet

I pray the days ahead are many
Filled with passion, purpose, hope
I’ll forget and I’ll remember
And pray that others come to know
The freedom that comes-
The joy, the faith, the hope-
in forgetting and remembering
And in trusting God alone

It is He who remembers
It is He who forgets
The Creator of all that lives and breathes
Forgives and forgets
As far as the East is from the West.
Oh my friend, do not forget
The Lord and His benefits.

Psalm 1, Psalm 103DSCN0539.jpg


…am singing from Psalm 42 these days ❤ …

If I fall, let me fall on my knees

If I call, will you draw near to me

If I wade into waters too deep

Will your grasp reach…


If the dark of night lingers long

Will you be with me, be my song

Will the gift of your Presence renew

As I call out to You


If I seek, Oh, Lord help me find

More of you, may my heart be resigned

to rest in Your goodness and truth

of Your mercies new, always new


And when life gets out of hand

May I cling to the Great I Am

Who resides in the here and now

Who presides come what may, some how


Let the bones thou has broken rejoice

May the praise that resounds be a choice

choosing hope that will never let me go

Am holding on to hope


And when deep waters call to deep

You alone will my soul safely keep

Granting rest where none else can go

Granting freedom of being fully known


If I thirst may it lead me to You

as a deer pants and water renews

If a void grows within me so deep

May the hunger be satisfied by Thee (only Thee)

If I pour out my soul unto you

May what’s poured out of me come from You

May my weakness be my strength

As I  just give thanks…in every thing give thanks..


If I hunger, let it be for You

For Your Presence, Your guidance, Your truth

If I thirst, let my longing lead

me to wells of your eternal spring

where thirst’s quench is satisfied

Where the longings change

Where love abides


As a deer pants for waters that flow

Let me press on to seek, to know

You who leads the weary and the lame

You who feed the hungry and ashamed

You who give grace and set captives free

Speak to me, Lord draw me


If I fall, let me fall on my knees

When I’ve called, how you’ve drawn near to me

Oh the peace that will never let me go

Oh the reach that grasps and says “Be still and know….”

I know


When I rise, let it be in your strength

Knowing You, You alone are to thank

For the grace that reaches far and wide

For the place that leads me to abide in You.


Psalm 42, Lamentations 3, James 4, etc…









signs of spring 11

When grief rushes in like a raging river

When grief whispers into my aching soul

When grief invades like the chill of winter

When grief barges in and takes a hold…

silent sunday2

I will run

I will run to the sanctuary

I will come

To the One who calls to the weary

I will run

I will come to the sanctuary

I will fall at the feet

Of the One who loves me.  

I will run

I will come

I will breathe


When grief rushes in and my heart starts racing

When grief settles in and takes control

When grief stirs my mind and my spirit

I will hold on, be still and know


I will run

I will run to the sanctuary

I will come

To the One who calls to the weary

I will run

I will come to the sanctuary

I will fall at the feet

Of the One who loves me.  

I will run

I will come

I will breathe

dad 31

When grief comes again and my fight has left me

When numbness begins to dull my world

When grief comes again in a wave of anger

And fuels a fear that takes a hold

I will think on what I know and I will run…

sins forgiven



And when those tears fall like rain

When the dam just gives way

I will come to You and say

Let it rain, (Let your mercy rain)

When the winds start to blow

May your Spirit refresh my soul

Help me be still and know

Your mercy reigns

(through this rain)

wordless wednesday

When grief rushes in like a raging river

Lord let Your wind refresh my soul

Your Spirit is Life, Lord renew me

Fill me with Your great winds of Hope…

As I run

As I come to Your Sanctuary

Lord I come

And I know that you are with me

When grief rushes in

Your hope always wins

This I know.


For a dear friend facing that one year mark of a deep, deep loss.  May the love of Christ reach deeper still.  Love, hugs, prayers and gratitude for being in this journey together.




Lazy golden sun

in a periwinkle sky

Silhouette of trees

On a gentle road that winds

Breathing in the sights

Breathing once again

Thankful for the sights

On this day’s end

Never ceases to amaze me

the wonder of it all

The Creator of the sky

Is the Creator of the small

He Beckons with the sights

He Beckons with the sounds

Yes, creation speaks

And His glory resounds

Creation breathes

and this thankful heart just pounds

with praise

for the beauty

He has made.



like water4.JPG

I wish that a gently falling rain

Could quietly wash away your pain

And leave a newness and relief

A renewal, deep sense of peace

Wish that as water rinses clean

You’d just be washed and yes, redeemed

Wish that a gently falling rain

Was merely all that it would take

But how this pain seeps deep within

And takes root, this hold, this sin

It lingers, grows, and goes beyond

The surface, and takes hold, a  hold so strong

So maybe more than gentle rain

We need a storm to unleash this pain

To loose the dirt settled deep within

to loose the chains held strong, this sin

So I attempt to not fear the storms

And the churning that may come

For to be washed and clean and whole

Is worth the trials to be endured

We dip our feet in, dip our toes

But we need immersion of our souls

So fear not, friend, immersion brings

A welling up of life, a spring

Within the soul, within the mind

Within the heart that longs to find

A peace so deep, a grace so real

A Presence of the God who draws near

For like water to the soul

Oh how God’s love will cleanse and know

the one who seeks to know His grace

The one who seeks the Lord’s face

For like water in wells so deep

The love of God is ours to keep

To wash our souls from head to toe

Like gentle rains or storms that blow

For like water to our souls

The love of Christ plants seeds

of Hope

For those with pain too deep to know,

May the love of Christ be

like water to their  souls.


Psalm 51

“…wash me and I will be whiter than snow…”

Photo taken at the Broad River Greenway, Boiling Springs, North Carolina







You can see it in the distance

the sun over the hill

Though the fog offers resistance

The sun shines through still

Though the fog may be prevailing

Though the way is not clearly seen

There’s a knowing, there’s a growing of

Seeing through the trees

The forest that is darkened

The fog that fills and fades

Will be burned away in time

Till true sight is what remains

Faith sees through the trees

And faces one step at a time

Faith fixes  eyes on things unseen

And Believes God for His Light to shine

In time…



The morning fog was so thick this morning, and so beautiful.  Kept thinking about faith and how fog is such a picture of how so much of life and the steps we take depends on whether or not we walk by faith, or we try to control the uncontrollable and frustrate ourselves, waste time, and create so much turmoil merely because we can’t control some things or see the way ahead.

I can’t make the fog lift any more than I can change some things that are out of control in my life. (Of course, this isn’t referring to things that I should and can control and be responsible for, but for those that I have no control over.)  But I can trust that God will give me the faith to keep moving forward one step at a time when I don’t have visibility for the mile ahead. I can trust Him for this minute when I don’t know what tomorrow brings.

The fog is beautiful, too.  And the “fog” in our lives can create beauty as well because as we move forward, we grow in faith.  We’re more slow and deliberate with our steps, and for me…I just get this picture of clinging to Jesus…clinging closer in the fog than I would need to if I knew that everything was just hunky-dory and  that I had everything under control.

Just a few thoughts on faith in the fog…yet again!

“So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen, for what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal.” 

2 Corinthians 4 (yet again!)  



grains of sand.JPG

Heavy heart,

steady now

Watch and pray a little longer

Heavy heart

Ready now

When  you’re weak, He is stronger

He’s Stronger than the greatest chain

When all else fail, He remains

He’s greater than the deepest need

Bondage breaks when  Jesus frees

Steady heart

Study truth

Breathe the Words that you’ve been given

Ready heart

Stand renewed

Live the Life that He has given

Linger in the Word awhile

Stand renewed, breathe in and smile

Steadfast stand on what is true

What He says He will do

Beating Heart

Courageous stand

You’re not alone in the Battle

All is at His Command

Be not anxious or rattled

For He is faithful, He is true

What He promises He will do

Surrender to the path, His way

Trust Him with your life, your days

Heavy heart

Lift your voice

Sing a new song of praise

Lift your eyes


He is with  you always

Your worries as the grains of sand

All are sifted through His hand

What He allows, He will use

Cast your cares, He cares for you

grains of sand

Heavy heart

Steady now

Be strong and courageous

Walk in faith

Walk in love

Forever, Sing of His greatness

Forever, sing His Praises.

beneath my feet

To climb is to hope

To reach is to believe

To step is to have faith

To dream is to conceive

For as a man thinks

in his heart, so he believes

And what a man pursues

So often starts in dreams

So dream the dream my daughter,

and climb and hope and see

But keep your feet planted firm

In what you have received

For firm is the foundation

of faith for for those who turn

To God for their direction

To God for grace unearned

So dream and pray with passion

Let your actions speak

Live safely within boundaries

For that is when we’re free.

So dream the dream my daughter

Your gifts are not just your own

For there’s a world that’s quaking

that needs  a world of hope

So climb and hope and reach

but always be still and know

It is God who gives the dreams

It is He who is our Hope

As we follow He will lead

Yes in Him, there’s always Hope

In Him, there’s always Hope.

*Psalm 121*

Photo:  Hope walking up the steps

Blue Ridge Parkway somewhere between Blowing Rock and Boone, NC

August 4, 2015


Watching the sunset

on a river by the sea

In a little yellow kayak

with a gently blowing breeze

Breathing in the Beauty

thankful for the time

Yes, I am filled with awe

As I see His Glory Shine.

How precious are the moments

when I see His Glory Shine.

“The whole earth is filled with awe at your wonders;

where morning dawns, where evening fades, you call forth songs of joy.”

Psalm 65:8

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