“whatever happens…”

“Whatever happens…” I have been camping out in the book of Philippians a lot over the past two months. There are some really good verses about thinking on what’s true, and praying through, and knowing that all that is not in my hands or control is in God’s. I’ve needed lots of reminders and have kept it simple by going there to that short book in the Bible when I needed those reminders. I’ve read this small encouraging book (onlyRead more

because he couldn’t breathe

I can’t sleep…. because he couldn’t breathe. And because he wasn’t allowed to take a breath, a heavy, dark cloud settles on all of us, all of society. It makes it hard for all of us to b r e a t h e . But at least we get the chance to try. He begged for his last breath….and was denied. and now, so many can’t breathe– Shock can do that to you. So can fear. So can anger.Read more