like falling leaves…

For Autumn leaves on gentle winds For precious family and faithful friends For whispered prayers and answers given for little graces in the daily livin’ For God who knows For God who sees For grace that’s given And grace received Flowing as freely as the falling leaves.. For all these things and more than I say I thank the Lord this October day as the gentle winds blow leaves my wayRead more

Thankful Thursday

To Green Pastures, Quiet Waters, O’ Restorer of my Soul, You lead me, You guide me, You say ‘Be still and know’ Though the storm’s raging, Light’s fading, Lord please renew my strength Like an eagle, Strong regal, O Lord help me not faint.” I’ve been reading Psalm 23 a lot lately. As I drove home tonight, this looked like a picture of Psalm 23 to me. My thought was that sometimes He can lead us to ‘green pastures’ whenRead more


Thirty years ago, I gave birth to my first child. After the long birthing process, I can remember the release of one last push and the elation of seeing our child face to face for the first time. But it wasn’t until I saw that he was breathing in and breathing out that the joy was full. The cord had been wrapped around his neck and his heart rate had dropped quickly, so there was great relief when I sawRead more

part of the dance

“If you stumble, make it part of the dance.” ~Author Unknown I read this quote today and just love it. Because we all stumble. Maybe the key to recovering from a misstep is fully owning the ‘stumbles’, acknowledging them, then picking ourselves up and moving on. And not just that, but picking ourselves up and making the stumble part of our dance, part of our story. I love that thoughtRead more

Silent Sunday

I love when things that don’t appear to ‘belong’ merely add beauty to their surroundings. Yeah, some things don’t fit–impatiens and shamrocks aren’t normally found in the same pot. But it works. I mean the impatiens will die away in the coming months, but that little shamrock bulb that doesn’t fit will be left behind to bloom and multiply and bloom for years to come. Thankful for little surprises that remind me to take a second look, a second thought,Read more