Wordless Wednesday

Summer sky, summer sigh Periwinkle Blue Summer Sky, summer sigh Warm wind breezes through Summer sky, lows and highs Quiet winds resound Summer sky, drawing nigh Calmed by sights and sounds   (Not so….)  Wordless WednesdayRead more

…a little solitude…

  So this one?  She’s at that place where there are lots of “life-changing” decisions.  There are lots of pressures to make the right choices.  There are lots of responsibilities and voices and people saying this and that, this and that and expressing their views.  And that’s all well and good for a time. I mean, it’s true.  But there are some things that we need to remember amidst all the voices and the noise of a world that oftenRead more


So, the other day, my daughter and I came home to find this little bird sitting on a chair on our front porch. As we walked up to the bird it didn’t seem phased at all by our presence. At first, I assumed that this poor thing was just traumatized because there was a strong storm that had just passed through and I guessed it had been thrown from its nest.  As I looked at the little guy, it justRead more