one in every crowd

They say, “There’s one in every crowd.” I say, thank goodness for that! Am thinking….If you’re lucky, there’s more than one ūüôā Thankful (most times!) for my ones in the crowd who keep things fun and fresh and unpredictable, I’m thankful for the way they help this (somewhat) predictable, (kind of) nerdy, (mostly) steady bird laugh and experience so much more.¬† Was not easy as a young mom when I was trying to keep my ‘ducks in a row’, butRead more

The Ride

Tanner showed me a link this morning that showed a virtual rollercoaster. He was excited about it because he loves riding rollercoasters, but because of his heart condition  (CPVT), is unable to ride them anymore. At least he now has an option with a virtual ride.  In a virtual ride, he can stop anytime he wants to. Not so with the real deal. And it got me to thinking about my love of rollercoasters, and one of my absolute favoriteRead more

Silent Sunday

Silent Sunday Every ornament’s a story – and I could talk your ear off for hours detailing the story, the memory of each and every one.¬† Because these are my family’s stories. My kids’ lives told in yearly symbols of ornaments.Like the pink phone for instance? That one makes me smirk a bit because that was the year Hope lost at least three phones, one which flew off a rollercoaster, and one which was flushed down the toilet. Oops.¬† OrRead more

…a few thoughts on ships…

“A ship in the harbor is safe. But that’s not what ships are for.” William G.T ¬†Shedd I saw some ships today, and some smaller vessels on the water. They were coming in to the harbor just as the sun was going down. My son and I watched as the boats in the distance moved a little closer in to the dock. It was windy and cold, but beautiful on the patio as we ate. ¬†Hot Clam chowder tasted reallyRead more


I love the zoom lens on my camera. The lens will go from a close up of one thing to a close up of another thing in the push of a button and then back again in a heartbeat. The camera is still pointed at the exact same place, but the whole perspective changes. (Nothing else changes, only the perspective…) So this morning as I held up my camera, my view which started out as this…a tree just beginning toRead more

…a few thoughts on fixing…

So, my son and I went to Verizon today. I usually dread it because of the wait time, but it was only a 15-minute wait tonight, so I just walked around and looked at the oh-so-upgraded phones that dwarf my little iPhone 4s (which I am a proud carrier of by the way.) Anyway, as I looked at one of the phones, it was kind of in the case catty-corner and so I tried to straighten it, to fix it….Read more


I planted some seeds in a pot today. The pot has seen so many flowers through the years, but most times, they’ve been the ¬†pre-grown kind I just pick up at Wal-mart and stick in a pot. But these? ¬†These little seeds are going to take a little time to grow. I took out the little hand shovel and dug a hole, put some seeds in and for now will wait to hopefully see some little sprouts grow. Impatiens seedsRead more

Castles in the Sand

I hadn’t¬†been to the beach for awhile, so I just couldn’t pass up the chance to breathe in a little ocean air over Thanksgiving break while we were visiting family who live near the coast. Even just a little time at the beach was better than nothing, for sure. ¬†My niece was ‘bored’, so she came with me and I’m so glad she did.We walked and talked and saw lots of people there who seemed to be getting their oceanRead more


You can see it in the distance the sun over the hill Though the fog offers resistance The sun shines through still Though the fog may be prevailing Though the way is not clearly seen There’s a knowing, there’s a growing of Seeing through the trees The forest that is darkened The fog that fills and fades Will be burned away in time Till true sight is¬†what remains Faith sees through the trees And faces one step at a timeRead more

Thankful Thursday ~ a bit of blue

So, today, as I walked out of work, I looked up. ¬†What I saw when I looked up made me breathe a deep sigh and smile a bit, for there in the sky was actually a bit of blue. ¬†Haven’t seen blue in the sky for quite awhile it feels like, and this was “Carolina blue”, no less. ¬†And for some reason, it just gave me a lot of hope, because that little bit of blue? ¬†It was a gentleRead more