…a few thoughts on detours and destinations…

Just a few thoughts tonight. Spoke with a dear friend about his place right now. Lots of constant trying to move forward but maybe not seeing the movement because there’s so much ground ahead and goals to move toward, to move forward, to press on to the what’s next with little rest between that and what’s behind. It’s like the journey is so big that it’s hard to see the progress of how far he’s come. But I’m thinking,in takingRead more

Wordless Wednesday

“Mrs. Hever” ¬†(Heather ūüôā ) misses and loves little Miss Chloee and her sisters too. ‚̧ Amazing what a little reminder can do to brighten someone’s day.¬†Thank ya Miss Chloee! Wordless WednesdayRead more

Thankful Thursday

So on this Thankful Thursday, I am thankful for rain. ¬†For shelter from the rain. I’m thankful for the way the rain just washes and cleanses and renews. ¬†I’m thankful for the vibrant colors that have come this week after the rain, and for the beauty of mid-70s weather and sunshine that lured me down to the river’s edge after school. I’m thankful for the beauty of the rush of the water that the pouring rains brought, and for soRead more

…a few thoughts on remembering…

Getting lost is no fun.¬† Take it from me.¬† I’ve been lost a time or two (or fifty!). ¬†I’ll think I know where I’m going and then, one wrong turn, and it’s a slippery slope of taking another wrong turn, trying to backtrack and forgetting which was the wrong turn, or the right turn, or the left turn or whatever turn, and pretty soon I’m a bit confused. (VERY confused, actually.)¬† ¬†It’s easy to lose our way sometimes… especially onceRead more

one thing remains

  Oh, the roller coasters we ride. ¬†The ups. ¬†The downs. ¬†The extreme highs. ¬†The deepest lows. ¬†The highest highs and lowest lows can even happen in one day. But while our bodies and minds and circumstances often have no choice but to experience the wild ride on roller coasters, can our hearts remain stayed upon truth, stable, steady, and secure? I think they can. I rode a roller coaster today, metaphorically that is. The Low: ¬† ¬† ¬†Right beforeRead more

On being reminded…

So, the Post 82 baseball team had an amazing season with a 37 and 1 record.  This group of young men worked hard nearly everyday of the summer and played hard with the goal of ultimately playing in the World Series which is played in their own hometown of Shelby, North Carolina.  A big goal?  Yes, a huge goal!  But the talent, leadership, coaching, and work ethic of this amazing group of kids has really paid off, and today, theRead more

A few thoughts on goals and pursuits…

  “My goal is God Himself, not joy nor peace, Nor even blessing, but Himself, my God.” ¬†~ Oswald Chambers. Over twenty five years ago, a dear friend gave me my first copy of “My Utmost for His Highest” devotional. ¬†Since then, I’ve been through three copies and given away countless other copies. ¬†I often need to read it two or more times to ‘get it’….to really understand the depth of what he’s sharing. ¬†I was reading this a.m. andRead more

Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Object

The earring that was lost, was found today… Not just any day. ¬†A day when I need encouragement. ‚ĶNot just any earring. ¬†It was one that I had made for a friend of mine. ‚ĶNot just any friend. ¬†It was a friend who is courageously facing an invasive cancer and being brave and compassionate and tenacious through it all. Found it after a day of battling some fears. ¬†I think listening to her facing funeral plans, while still hoping andRead more

Travel Theme ~ Illuminated

Sometimes the most beautiful luminaries aren’t those that come from lights or fire or the moon. Sometimes the best luminaries we see are the people who refuse to cave in to the dark and difficult things in their lives. This photo is of a dear friend, Janet, who loves decorating for Christmas with lights and candles and a warm fires in the fireplace‚Ķbut is more of a bright light to those around her than she will ever know. She’s battlingRead more