Be brave

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Be Brave.

and Courageous.

and Innovative.


Marvel at the world around you.

Take it all in.

Pour yourself out.

…and see what you can do to impact, make it better, move the mountains, and widen paths so that others might just be inspired to  …be brave. Courageous. And innovative. And take risks. Marvel and wonder. And take it all in as they pour themselves out.

And in the midst of your being brave, be sure, to take some time just to be. To be grounded, resting, filling up with family and friends…to be Home. We can’t be brave forever without touching home base once in a while. Thankful for that. Pouring out requires pouring in.

Yes, be brave. Inspire. Be innovative. Impact. And enjoy the process. Give yourself the same grace you give others. Be brave. Courageous. It takes faith to move forward. It also takes faith to know that there’s a time to rest awhile.

So…Rest awhile. And know that there are safe places where you’re loved not because of your courage or travels or successes or accomplishments…but just because you belong and are known and loved period. And then…carry that truth with you when you venture out again and …be brave…You might just be amazed at how your very presence and you just being you encourages the ones who know you best to be brave too.





6 responses to Be brave

    • soletusknow says:

      Thanks Alison. Yes..this is the son that has a lot in common with your brave son …(he was in Sweden and is home now from CA before he moves to NYC in mid Jan… they encourage us to be brave too, don’t they? <3)


  1. Nelsa says:

    I’m crying. You wrote this for me, didn’t you? I will frame this. Thank you for sharing your gifts and being brave. I appreciate this more than words can say.

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