Make the Brownies

Make the brownies

sing the songs

Say the words

and right the wrongs

Laugh out loud

and smile much

Encourage folks

reach out and touch

Grab a hand

Make the call

Send the text

Breathe through it all

Read the stories

Study, learn

Share the glory

Take your turn

Hike the mountains

Walk the trails

Skip around

and ride the rails

Share the journey

Swing real high

Look out for

the other guy

Smell the flowers

Ride the waves

Count the stars

Stop, and gaze…….

Stand up tall

but not too proud

Reach down low

Kneel and bow

Stand alone

Know who you are

Embrace the gifts

Embrace the scars

Pray the prayer

Walk by faith

Trust in Jesus

Run the race


through the darkest trial

Knowing you’re loved,

you can always Smile

Bake the cookies

Eat dessert

Hug your neighbor

Work, work, Work

use your gifts

To bless and bless

Own your stuff,

when needed, Confess

Count the stars

Marvel at the grace

With gratitude

for time and space

time to wonder

Time to be

time to enjoy


Seize the moments

But enjoy the days

Thank the Lord

who is worthy of all praise

At the start of the day

and the end of time

He is with us, always with us

I am His and He is mine

So I’ll make the brownies

and rake the leaves

and clean the dishes

and admire the trees

I’ll walk the walk

and let my words be few

Lord let my day, my ways

Just honor you

May the days of my life

Just point to you

They are a gift you gave

I give them back to you

as I ….

make the brownies

and sing the songs…

moment by moment

each day, all day long.

7 responses to Make the Brownies

  1. Emily Wickham says:

    Love this, dear Heather… it makes the ordinary of everyday into the special it truly is. Love you! May the Lord bless you with great joy. ~Emily


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