Weekly Photo Challenge -“Infinite”

The moment is crystal clear to me. I can remember as a little girl, laying on a blanket of fresh green grass in our front yard. I was looking up at the giant oak tree that stretched to the sky, and the thought hit me…”Where does the sky end? And where it ends, what is beyond that…where does it all end?” I don’t remember how old I was but I do know that the thought absolutely blew my mind… EvenRead more

Ode to the Beaver, Part I

I think the beaver knows a thing or two about “focus”. His lens is fixed on the next bite, not the distant, daunting challenge of his endeavor. Boy, that tree is TALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL! If I were him, I wouldn’t look up too often…that would be so discouraging! We often hear the phrase, “busy as a beaver”, but busyness is one thing. Focus is completely different. I can remember the story that my mother in law tells of a woman who hadRead more

Weekly Photo Challenge ~ “Fresh”

Fresh Flowers on Mother’s Day Fresh memories of this Mother’s Day which was more than a decade ago Fresh little faces…with their whole lives ahead of them (And one fresh little boy on my lap who had just been in time out for probably being too “fresh”) Fresh tears on my cheeks as I realize how quickly the time flies Fresh resolve to cherish the moments with those who are with me right here, right now.Read more