what remains

When realities blow chaff in the wind

When real life burns dross away

When the depths of grief are surfacing

oh God help us seek your face

When the fire burns so deep within

And fear rises to the heights

Oh God let your Word ring loud and clear

You are with us in darkest of nights

When the Voids within are hollow coves

Fill us with your Words of Life

You can use the heights and lows

To draw us ever nearer to your side

The grief, the grace, components of

one beautifully redeemed

Redeemed and loved and held and kept

by the Power of God unseen

Redeemed and Loved? Held and Kept?

Even in this deep, dark place?

Yes, Held and kept by the Power of God,

Redeemed and loved by grace

When all is stripped away what’s left-

The core is what remains

With hopes and dreams regrets and scars

Losses mixed with gains

When all is stripped away what’s left-

Broken hearts and empty hands

Lord fill us up with grit and grace

That helps us rise, walk, stand

And kneel and bow and just receive

What you would have us hold

We are created by a loving God

Who calls us to ‘be still and know’

Be still and know that He is God,

There is No other name

When all in life is burned away

He is what remains

He is who sustains

Through it all, yes,

He remains

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