what these eyes see

Do I see the forest Or do I see the trees Let my sights be set on  You for you are all I need Do I see the detail Or does my vision scan it all Let my sights be set on You, You are my all in all. Do I see minutiae Or the Grande Design Let my heart be set on you and vision be aligned With your call to be faithful in the little things, the smallRead more

Thankful Thursday

  I drove by a crime scene this morning. There was the crime scene yellow tape, the police cars, the detectives walking around the yard. Crowds were gathering, and as I drove past there was that sick feeling in my stomach…not just that something bad had happened, but that sense that it was just an indicator of so much bad that is happening, not just here, but all around us, mostly hidden in the shadows, but so very present andRead more

Troubled Waters

So, I’m really not 100% sure what made this poem pour out of me at 5:45 this morning, but it did. I was kind of struck by looking at a dear friend’s eyes yesterday and seeing one who was troubled, and it stirred that up in me as well. Anyway, I’m not sure if any readers are feeling ‘troubled’ right now, and of course, I hope you aren’t. But if you are, here are a few reminders to not lookRead more

Between the Lines

Between the Lines of what I say I hope you sense Jesus Between the words and writings may He be the One who frees us Between the stories, poems, and songs Between the hopes and dreams and wrongs Between the blog posts, short and long I pray that you see Jesus Between the words that may or may not be filled with certain terms or religiosity The language of overt Christianity May you sense and see Jesus Between the heart,Read more

White as Snow

A Blanket of Grace Thankful for the covering White as Fallen Snow “Come now, let us reason together,” says the Lord. “Though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they are red as crimson, they shall be like wool. Isaiah 1:18Read more

Weekly Photo Challenge – Beginnings

Just some thoughts on beginnings… Winter white branches of the birch appear barren, naked, stripped during the dormant period of winter But a closer look brings hope, for left on the bare branches are seeds and all the potential that lies within. So it is often with beginnings They are preceded by difficult endings where we may feel bare, stripped, naked. But somehow,even in the dormant period of loss, there is unseen potential Unseen, untapped, just waiting for the rightRead more


December Prayer I’m determined to remember I’m determined to forget On this last day in December I choose to move beyond regret For it is often in the choosing Of what to hold and to let go for what we focus on will hold us And what we feed in life will grow I’ll forget what lies behind me Those things I cannot change But hold dear the lessons learned and Find the beauty that remains I’ll ‘forget’ the thingsRead more

Daily Prompt Challenge – Textures

Carpet soft as cotton, Benches sturdy and still Amazing the provisions in the quiet and the still Of the forest, of the places where many never go in this solitude this quiet There is wonder to behold The solitude of silence Beckons those who hear The beauty of the forest Is for more than eyes and ears so sit awhile to listen on a bench still yet a tree feel the gentle earth beneath you and above a canopy ARead more

A Bridge Between The Two

Originally posted on soletusknow:
An Ending … a Beginning a Bridge Between The Two The distance oft-determined by the Allowance to Renew Grief…a purging The walls come tumbling down Hope…a Surging of God’s Grace so deep, profound Hope…Renewal You’ll rise, you’ll walk again Until then rest knowing that He’ll carry you, my friend He’ll carry you, my friend. (Photo Credit: Rachel Q. Keeley)

Daily Prompt ~ “Eye of the Beholder”

Sometimes we find beauty in unexpected places. Love that. Eye of the Beholder Bathed in morning light this place often bathed in tears Light breathes hope into life’s darkest hours Beauty lives in the eye of the beholder In the light of the truth they embrace For what is seen is so very often the intangible, the unseen, the beauty that breathes from within to see that which is ‘without’ the beauty that inspires and sees and allows one toRead more