Stubborn Little Hyacinth

Stubborn Little Hyacinth

Peeking through the soil

Resilient little perennial

It’s been a year of toil

Yes it may show up in the blooms

This year, so scant and slight

But beautiful little Hyacinth

You made it to the light!!

(And that was no small fight!)

Stubborn little Hyacinth

I feel a bit like you

Am hopeful that the resilient beauty

I’ll see in me like I see it in you.

Beautiful, Lovely Hyacinth

What a gift you are to me

Reminding me of this gift of life

Reminding me to just be-

Be resilient in the fight

Be thankful come what may

Be aware of grace that’s here

And grace that’s come to stay,

Yes, grace, grace, come what may.

Blessings ~


p.s. Yikes 2020 has been quite the year for so many folks, and 2021 isn’t starting out much better. But I’m so thankful for the beautiful, resilient hyacinths I’ve seen all around during this crazy Covid Season. Here’s a reminder that there’s grace, and that sometimes scant little hyacinths might even be a bit more beautiful than the perfect specimen, because they tell a beautiful story. Yes, I am thankful for the beautiful resilient hyacinths in my life who are pictures of grace in this crazy, crazy world. I’m thankful that God remains the same, loves us well, and is the light that can draw us out of the darkness no matter what season may come. ❤

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