I’ve always loved to write, but am excited about just writing down some thoughts and interacting with others via “blogging”. Life has been full (I’m a mom of 5 boys and 1 girl….stayed home for years and am now back to teaching special education full time at a local elementary school). It’s sometimes tough to find time to wade through the busy stuff of life to get to the important. A few years ago, my family had some very close calls and that made me want to make the most of my days in a whole new way. So I thought I’d try to put some effort into writing my thoughts in this form. I love to take photos and draw analogies from visuals. I believe in Jesus Christ and am so thankful for the way that God speaks through creation. I see things through the eyes of one who believes that He IS, and that changes everything. Hope you enjoy the blog. Thanks for stopping by! Would love to hear your thoughts.