Thankful Thursday

Am thankful today for the many many memories and images that one single photo can bring up.  For little girls who conquered fears of amphibians and who aren’t afraid to hold frogs and toads and wrestle with their brothers.  For brothers who would never dare to wrestle all out with their feisty little sister. For gardenia blooms and the scent that lingered through the window and greeted us as we arrived home.  For the many years spent in this homeRead more

Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Close up

Well, I know that this probably wasn’t what was intended for this photo challenge.  I realize that most of the photos will be small images enlarged to see every little detail.  But I had come across this photo last week and just love it and think that it fits in the “close up” category as well!  You see, these little guys are on their first family (with just mom and dad and siblings) vacation to  the beach.  All that day,Read more

Weekly Photo Challenge ~ “Vivid”

Well, this week’s weekly photo challenge sure is timely.  “Vivid”is the word.  It is timely because this little guy is graduating from high school today.  But what is vivid in my mind? This image of him starting kindergarten literally feels like it was taken yesterday.  I can remember the missing tooth, the USA baseball shirt, the backpack and the flowers blooming on the front porch.  Yesterday.  Time goes so fast when you’re looking back. But at this stage for him….whenRead more