Weekly Photo Challenge ~ ‘Symbol’

A baseball. It is just a ball a little over 3 inches in diameter that weighs a little over 5 ounces.  The boys of summer swoop low to grab it, hurl it with all their might at velocities that can near 100 miles per hour, and swing for the fences while keeping their eye on this little ball with hopes of blasting it out of the park.  Yep, this little ball is a symbol of a lot of things forRead more

Thankful Thursday

So this photo made me cry.  It just did.  Not because of the beauty of the sunset.  Not because of the sihouette of the crowd watching yet another home high school baseball game. (And not because I was sad to be at the game!) I had taken the photo at a home baseball game and it wasn’t at all emotional for me when I took it.  I just thought the sunset was beautiful. But when I looked at it tonight,Read more

Last man out

Living life takes courage.  Period.  It just does. And I see examples of courage everyday.  I see them at home, at work, in the community.  And a few nights a week in the Spring?  I see them on the baseball field. When the bases are loaded, your team is down by one in a game between rivals that has been anticipated for months, and it’s the last inning? Yep, it takes courage to stand at bat and swing for theRead more

Weekly Photo Challenge ~ “It’s a Blur!”

The blur in the photo?  That’s my son Chase trying to get back to first base as fast as he can.  Not sure what it is about this kid..maybe he just edges off first a bit too much for the pitcher’s comfort zone, but he has to do at least a few dives in the dirt per game.  This one made me laugh when I saw it.  I knew he was moving fast…but didn’t realize it was that fast !Read more

Weekly Photo Challenge ~ “Humanity”

Little hands that use new skills Big hearts that ‘leave it all on the field’ strong hands that build their world little by little insightful eyes that see and appreciate the beauty minds that process the world around them and within them personalities that do their own thing Relationships that are there through it all Just a few thoughts and glimpses into the ‘humanity’ in my daily world http://dailypost.wordpress.com/dp_photo_challenge/humanity/Read more