Daily Prompt Challenge – “Support”

QB has a lot of pressure to make things happen. Support of a good team and coaching staff make all the difference. I’m so thankful that Zac had the opportunity, determination and guts to step up to the position. But more than that, I’m so thankful for the lessons learned on what it means to be a team player and work with others for the common good. They are lessons he can use everyday of his life to make anRead more

Daily Prompt Challenge – “First”

Would you believe…this was my first car?! A 1969 Plymouth Barracuda, fastback edition. Yep, by many classic car experts, this would be a great find…but my high school friends weren’t classic car experts and didn’t think it was too cool! It was an older car and not what a teenage girl would choose as her first car, at least this once teenage girl. But for me, the Barracuda was key to my teenage independence and had great acceleration, and IRead more

Daily Prompt Challenge ~ “Childlike”

Walking hand in hand seems natural when you’re little. Maybe it’s because little ones realize their need for help. After all, everything must be learned in the early years, and there’s a dependency in just about every area of life. Maybe that’s why they are so free to offer a hand and give help. They see the need in other little ones, and it’s just a given that they may need a hand. Love that. There are some things thatRead more

Daily Prompt Challenge – Sensitive

He saw through the smiles and knew the courage it took for his strong wife to push through the pain of her cancer to be fully present in the moment for those around her. And she was. She was fully present and all there for those in her midst. Her husband of over fifty years was sensitive to his wife and reached out in compassion to encourage her. Despite some hearing loss, memory issues, and aches and pains,he was fullyRead more

Daily Prompt~ Moved to Tears

When was the last time I was moved to tears by something beautiful? Yesterday. It was an airport moment. Saw my son walking down the corridor. (This after direction from my youngest son who said, “Mom don’t you see him? There he is!” My eyes aren’t what they used to be.) The son who was abroad from January to the end of May and then living outside of NYC from the end of May until now. The son who hasRead more

Daily Prompt Challenge – Transported

He was transported in a car to an early morning baseball game. He played hard and helped his team win the game. Then he was transported an hour away to a park in the mountains. He listened to older siblings carry on with laughter and with bickering. When they stopped at the park, he was two feet shorter than everyone playing basketball. He quietly got his favorite mode of transportation-his skateboard. And off he goes, enjoying the freedom that comesRead more

Blades of Grass – Ramblings on the Brevity of Life

Blades of Grass – Ramblings on the Brevity of Life “…All flesh is as grass, and all the glory of men as the flower of grass; the grass dried, and its flower fell out, but the Word of the Lord remains forever.” (I Peter 1:24) It’s been a full week in my town. Lots of people here are grieving over lives ended too soon. It has brought up quite a lot in me and it’s been a week of someRead more

Daily Prompt: A Friend In Need

The need? Chloee needs a bit of comforting after falling on the concrete. She handled it well at first, but concern for the “boo-boo” kept surfacing. The friend? A sister who let her know with a cheek to cheek hug that she loved her and she was sorry about Chloee having to deal with the “boo-boo”. The needs may change as we get older. Financial stresses, physical challenges, and difficult circumstances can get us down. But there’s nothing like aRead more