Thankful Thursday

So, it’s been a sweet week. Last Friday morning started with dropping Tanner and his friend off at his ‘Young Life’ ‘Brojangles’ breakfast at 7 a.m.  It’s not always easy rushing out the door that early, but there are definite perks. Like this view… At school, for our last Friday before the 3 week break (YAHOO!!!), I had coffee and emergency chocolate on hand. It came in handy. Full day. Oh, and Hope must’ve known that it’d be super fullRead more

Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday Sorry …adding a few words to ‘Wordless Wednesday’… In a world that clamors and stammers and hammers its own…am thinking it’s a good thing to…keep a quiet heart. It’s a good thing to step back and process. It’s a good thing to kneel down and pray and …keep eyes and heart focused and centered. It’s a good thing to hold what we know to be true. “Love justice. Love mercy. Walk humbly with thy God.” Micah 6:8 P.S.  I’mRead more

… a few thoughts on peace…

Peace can look like quiet waters, a river flowing gently. So often, peace is equated with stillness, quiet, solitude.  I know I feel such a sense of peace and solitude when walking on the river’s edge after a long day.  The quiet waters, the sun shining, the path with sounds of life all around, but none too prevalent…it’s all a picture of peace. But sometimes, the quiet, the solitude, the lack of churning of the water…can lead to…muck. I heardRead more

thoughts on marriage…little lessons from a duck

There they were.  At least they had their eyes on the same goal and were walking in the same direction.  But the drake?  He meandered back and forth, back and forth and left the beaten path for the grass.  The mama mallard?  She stayed on the walkway, followed the rules, made her way to the pond and managed to stay on the path even though the drake would go to and for and every which way. She was efficient inRead more

Quiet Waters…

  Psalm 23 is probably one of the most quoted psalms of the Bible.  I memorized it as a child but hadn’t really even thought of this Psalm for awhile, until tonight, as I went down to the river.  It had been a day of a lot of activity, good and bad and like so many days, a day when I was aware that there is much in this life, in this world, in my home even, that I cannotRead more