God’s Gallery

Well, that sunflower that I blogged about the other day?  It’s growing!  It is also attracting bugs and bees…bugs and bees that are so incredibly color-coordinated with this little sunflower.  Love it. The greens and yellows are even the same shade in this little bug as in the flower.  I know “camouflage” is a scientific term which speaks to how creatures adapt and blend in to their surroundings based on their color.  But when you see it right before yourRead more


After two or three torrential downpours, and before another was to come, was sunshine filtered through the clouds. Loved that.   Kind of like my day! “Drip down, O heavens, from above, And let the clouds pour down righteousness; Let the earth open up and salvation bear fruit, And righteousness spring up with it. I, the LORD, have created it. “ Isaiah 45:8 Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: CloudsRead more

Weekly Photo Challenge ~ “Rule of Thirds”

The Weekly Photo Challenge is “Rule of Thirds”.  As I looked through my photos, I realized that I follow this rule quite a bit. A great majority of the photos I take don’t have an image front and center.  I guess I kind of like things “off-center” at times! Although I like order, I am often drawn to non-symmetrical views of things, for sure. Maybe that’s because the older I get, the more I realize that life is so incrediblyRead more

Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Yellow

  Yellow amidst the green and gray at the Broad River Greenway.   Sunflowers in the middle of a busy parking lot in Black Mountain, North Carolina.   A weed or a flower?  Depends on where it is, and of course, the eye of the beholder.  Tenacious little dandelion. Oh, and a note on the color yellow… As a  young girl, my absolute favorite color was yellow.  I had yellow pajamas, yellow walls (which my parents were wise enough toRead more

Beautiful Resilience

Reaching… Protecting… Blooming… Overflowing… Creeping… Nourishing… Flourishing… Beautiful Resilience….visible reminders of how God’s design is so intricate and strong and beautiful.  Resilience adapts and overcomes and is beautiful for all to see.  Love how God shows us things in nature that are so meant to thrive in ourselves.  As I went through the walk in the woods yesterday my heart was just tired.  But as I looked around and saw the visuals….the tree reaching for the sky, the vine creepingRead more