Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Seasons

Sometimes there are seasons of waiting.  Waiting when you see no signs of what you’re waiting for, but choosing to hope that it’s coming and that things are going on below the surface. Here’s a visual for ya–This bench won’t be empty for long…and the field will be full of cleat-clad baseball players giving it all they’ve got.  But it’s still now.  Quiet. But the players are all out there…somewhere, and when the time is right, they’ll convene and practiceRead more

…a walk in the snow…

I’ve always loved snow days.  As a child, the anticipation of snow was always fun.  I grew up in Maryland where there was some snow, but not a lot, so snow days were fun and out of the ordinary.  They were filled with sledding on the nearby golf course, making snow men, and that never-ending attempt to finally build an igloo.  If Eskimos could do it…why couldn’t our neighborhood clan? I never did check that off of my childhood bucketRead more

Weekly Photo Challenge ~ “Rule of Thirds”

The Weekly Photo Challenge is “Rule of Thirds”.  As I looked through my photos, I realized that I follow this rule quite a bit. A great majority of the photos I take don’t have an image front and center.  I guess I kind of like things “off-center” at times! Although I like order, I am often drawn to non-symmetrical views of things, for sure. Maybe that’s because the older I get, the more I realize that life is so incrediblyRead more