In the moment

In the quiet

of this moment

Oh my friend be still and know

there is grace

to live this moment

To hold on and to let go

In the quiet

of this moment

May your heart find strength to see

Deepest beauty

Amidst deep sorrow

Oh how joy can walk with grief

For in the moment

in the quiet

May the love that IS -surround

Surround you and your sweet mom

with the love that is profound

Deeper, higher, wider, stronger

Than any other love we know

God is with us, always with us

Praying you can see and know

In the quiet of this moment

Grace that is, has always been

May you see Him as you seek Him

In this moment that you’re in

May the breath of Life sustain you

as you take the moments in

May you hold your mom’s weak hand

as you’re holding on to Him.

In the moment, sacred moments

that are part of letting go

Let Him hold you,

and console you

He’s the God who sees, who knows

Every moment,

Every tear

Every ache deep in the soul

He is with you

Ever with you

In the holding on and letting go

In this moment

Quiet moment

Praying you’ll be still and know

You are loved

Always loved

Ever have been and will be

In the moments,

tear filled moments

May His presence bring great peace


6 responses to In the moment

  1. Cheryl Black says:

    Ty for sharing this with me…sometimes I don’t see new posts… Very comforting for those walking in the valley.

    Liked by 1 person

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