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Wordless Wednesday

Sorry …adding a few words to ‘Wordless Wednesday’… In a world that clamors and stammers and hammers its own…am thinking it’s a good thing to…keep a quiet heart. It’s a good thing to step back and process. It’s a good thing to kneel down and pray and …keep eyes and heart focused and centered. It’s a good thing to hold what we know to be true. “Love justice. Love mercy. Walk humbly with thy God.” Micah 6:8

P.S.  I’m just not very good at “Wordless” Wednesday and “Silent” Sunday.  Got too many words in my head and thoughts in my heart that just want to spill out on to the page. Sorry. Kind of.



DSCN2456My view of his view.  Again. Love seeing things through other people’s eyes.  And love seeing people do their thing. Especially when the eyes I’m seeing through happen to be my child’s.  No matter how old they are (or I am…), so cool to see the world through their eyes.


Wordless Wednesday


Thankful1So, the ride home the other day was beautiful. Lately, the sun has been down by the time I am driving home from work, so it was awesome to see the light for sure. I intentionally left work a bit early and called my son…the one who is home from college and leaves in a few days…the one who I have seen off and on, but who has been really busy.


I called him and say, “Hey, do you want to go for a walk with me at the GreenWay?”  And leaving work became so worthwhile cause he said yes and in a few minutes, I was dropping by home to pick him up.  One short stop to McDonalds for a strawberry-banana smoothie, and we were on our way.


So…we walked…and talked and caught up.


The sun was still above the horizon, thankfully.  We took it all in.thankful4

Here’s my view of his view…


…yep… it was definitely time well spent.  It’s funny how there are certain times I can look at my adult children and see them standing there being 19, but I’m remembering them being 5…same eyes…same expression…same connection.  yep.  time well spent.


…of course, the cell phone was along for the ride, as well as the strawberry-banana smoothie…


…We’ve taken photos here with his brother, Aus… on a Spring day.  Same tree hanging over the water, same view.  It’s there when we’re out doing our thing, and there when we come back.  It’s a great place for them to sit….kind of like a bench hanging over the water.


…as we walk, we pass lots of visual reminders of change.  The remnants of a fire years ago….the way that life goes on.  Life sure has lots of loss, but we press on, move on, and keep growing.  As he has gotten older, he knows a thing or two about change and loss.  I’m so thankful for the conversation, relationship, and grace that helps to keep things in perspective, helps us see loss in a different light….helps us see and seek the joy in the middle of it.


I’m thankful for truth that rocks and mountains were meant to climb, and for the desire to climb them that was so there when he was little and is even more there now that he’s older.  Praying that he keeps reaching and climbing. Always…and enjoys the view. “Wow…you can see everything up here!” he says.  So his mom ventures to climb the rock as well. Yep, thankful for those who climb and reach and in so doing, encourage others, (even their moms ) to climb.


I’m thankful for visual reminders and verses that come to mind ‘out of the blue’ as we see things.  Here’s one:  “The Lord is my rock, my fortress and my Deliverer’ my God is my Rock in whom I take refuge…” (Psalm 18:2)


Thankful for rushing water that’s loud and cold and clear.


Thankful for the visual of how the ridges on the rocks underneath determine the waves on the surface. That’s another blog, but something I’ve been thinking about.  Fun to talk about as we watch all the big and little waves on a day when the river was overflowing.

So on this Thankful Thursday, there are so many things to be thankful for.  Love so much catching up with my children, and what’s going on not just on the surface, but underneath it all.  So so very thankful that they are a gift, and that even though there are times when they won’t say “Yes” to taking a walk, that there are precious moments when they do.  And when they do?  I’m all in!

Oh, and can’t beat that that night my girl Hope had a wonderful chai latte waiting for me…even labeled it….


Yep. It was a good day….


“Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good. His love endures forever.

Let the redeemed of the Lord tell their story…”

Psalm 107:1-2





silent sunday3


Ordinary ~  a walk at the Broad River Greenway.

Extra-ordinary ~ time well spent with two sons on a beautiful October day, catching up on what hasn’t been said on the phone calls and texts while he’s been away at college.  Yep, thankful for extraordinary moments on ordinary days.


on the way

So on this Thankful Thursday, I am thankful for rain.  For shelter from the rain. I’m thankful for the way the rain just washes and cleanses and renews.  I’m thankful for the vibrant colors that have come this week after the rain, and for the beauty of mid-70s weather and sunshine that lured me down to the river’s edge after school. I’m thankful for the beauty of the rush of the water that the pouring rains brought, and for so many sweet memories of walking this trail with those I love.

I’m thankful for anticipation.  Anticipation of projects completed and deadlines met.  Anticipation of seeing those I love very soon after not seeing them for a while. I’m also thankful for the anticipation that my kids are sharing for seeing each other.  I’m thankful for surfboards and fishing rods and healthy bodies and minds to use them. I’m thankful for anticipation of the next big wave and the next big fish, but also for the moments that will be shared in the waiting…because those waves and fish might not come, but the time spent with brothers pursuing them will be time well spent and long remembered.   I’m thankful for business prospects and leaps of faith taken, and tiny rewards that say, “keep going”.  I’m thankful for anticipation of the way those little leaps can lead to bigger leaps and hopefully bless other people.  I’m thankful for the encouragement from my adult kids who saw those big leaps and little rewards and focus on the rewards and say, “Way to go,  Mom!  Congrats!”

I’m thankful for afternoon drives and amazing sunsets and wisps of color in prism rainbows that looked like brushstrokes in the sky.  I’m thankful for warm afternoons and brisk nights, and for the sweaters that are ready to be used after a long season of being in the closet.  I’m thankful for the son who says, “Yeah…” when I ask if he wants to come with me to run errands.  I’m also thankful that we can come to common ground in choosing radio stations when our tastes are a bit different these days. I’m thankful that he loves to sing.  Loves it.  And I love to hear it even though probably not many other people appreciate the “art” we create.

I’m thankful for teacher – parent conferences where I sit on the teacher side and see whole new glimpses of how to reach the kids who seem out of reach, and for parents who are willing to share their stories in order to help their children to do their best. I’m thankful for teamwork. I’m thankful for parent teacher conferences where I’m on the parent side and I can learn from a teacher who has a whole different window into my child who I feel I know so well.  There’s always more to learn.

I’m thankful for the Word of God that speaks to our needs so clearly.  I’m thankful for worship, for time well spent with dear friends on rainy days eating coconut dark chocolate ice cream and being so very thankful to share thoughts, prayer requests, and deep needs. Only God can meet some of those needs, but I am so thankful to have friends who will pray and bring each other’s needs and our children’s needs, to the throne of grace.  Yes, to BOLDLy bring those needs to the throne of grace in prayer.

I’m thankful for football games and the show THE OFFICE, and things that make my family horse laugh.  I’m thankful for efforts made born out of struggles.  To know our need is a gift, a total gift. Needing help is part of the human condition.  Needing grace, help, direction…we all have times of need.  I’m thankful for when my children see a need and seek out help, because we are not alone, and I never want pride or the false belief that we have to do everything on our own, to alienate them from others.  We all need each other. Period. But knowing that?  Living that?  That is a gift.  It makes us seek connection….

I’m thankful that tomorrow is Friday.  For meetings held, decisions made.  I’m thankful for conversation and Biblical hope and peace that passes understanding. I’m thankful for addictions overcome and hope renewed, for the acknowledgement of voids, and the pursuit to fill voids with good things.  I’m thankful for hunger. And chicken soup.  And Ghiradelli dark chocolate.

I’m thankful for the Body of Christ…people seeking God and pressing on to know Him more.  I’m thankful for worship, for music, for the gift of song that keeps us all on the same page for brief moments. I’m thankful that we’re all in this together, and for times when our needs make that so incredibly apparent.  And then…I’m thankful for needs met on all levels. I’m thankful for people who actually read these posts till the end because I know I’m really rambling.  But hopefully in the midst of all the rambling, there can be a connection, a truth, a tidbit we share.  And if there is…I really am thankful because this life is all about connection.  Bottom line, that’s what it’s all about.  Vertical connection.  Horizontal connection.

Blessings ~


“Let us draw near to God with a sincere heart and with the full assurance that faith brings having our hearts sprinkled to cleanse us from a guilty conscience, and having our bodies washed with pure water.”

Hebrews 10:22

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