What hands can’t hold

Some things cannot be taken

But they’re the things we cannot hold

Oh when our world is shaking, quaking, we’re breaking

We will hold to  what we deeply know

Light bursting through the shadows

Comes as we choose to see 

The beauty amidst the ache

Like mortar in a mosaic masterpiece

Some things we’ll never fathom

What ifs of what could be

But may we hold to what we know

We are loved and loved will always be

Oh that mysterious treasure

That only hearts can hold

Let this love spill unmeasured

The more we give– the more it grows

…The more we give the more it grows…

And maybe that’s the beauty-

This flip side of life’s pain

That healing comes in release- giving, forgiving

And being thankful for what remains…

…Those things that can’t  be taken

Held close that none can take away

We are but earthen vessels

Lord pour love in and have your way

Fill up these cups and spill your grace

The overflow our  hands can’t hold

We’re trusting you and letting go…

…oh may we find

it’s us you hold…

Oh let us find

It’s us you hold ❤

by His Grace ~


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