puddle full of sky

This little puddle reminded me of something today… that sometimes, looking down can lead to looking up… Sometimes, when we’re a bit downcast, we can be reminded of blue skies. Thankful for puddles in life that reflect and remind of the truth that we’re not meant to keep our eyes downcast.Nope. Not at all. Oh, and here’s another thought. See that tree in the reflection?  See the leaf and acorn in the puddle? They all represent a different stage inRead more

Thankful Thursday

Today, am thankful for sunshine.  For cool breezes and warm light. For challenges faced and small steps taken. For divine appointments that are so apparent. For the fact that sometimes what we would never chose can be the greatest blessing in helping us to reach out to another person. Thankful for catching such a glimpse of that today.  Thankful for grace in the midst of the messes of life.   Thankful for those who don’t turn their eyes away fromRead more

Silhouette of Trees and Clouds

I was driving home the other day, and saw the same scene I see all the time. But this time, it really caught my eye. The tree line and the line of clouds seemed to be mimicking each other. The photo doesn’t do it justice, but I wanted to share it anyway. Love the unexpected little surprises that can come any given day. I guess I just want to be sure that I have the eyes to see them. AmazingRead more