Silent Sunday


Gifts to the king…what do I bring

do i journey from near and from far

What gifts do I bring, bring to the King

Do I follow His beckoning star

that leads to the place, this manger of grace

which one day will lead to a cross

What gifts do I bring, bring to the King

What’s gained overwhelms any cost

So what gifts do I bring, bring to the King

Who beckons all come as we are

Lay all burdens down on this holy ground

And follow Him near and from far

We follow, we come as we are

What gifts do I bring, bring to the king

No gift can compare to His own

What gift do I bring, O what can I bring

I’ll sing of Emmanuel come down

God with us, He’s here..He calls to draw near

I’ll sing of this truth so profound

What gift can I bring, bring to the King

Receive what He died to bring down

Receive the cross traded for crown

Redeemed as a lost sheep now found

He gives and how His gifts abound

In receiving

I give what I’ve found


Well, looks like it’s another “Not-so Silent’ Sunday.  (Am not being a rule-follower in this one again!)  But as I took a photo of the nativity scene…and thought of the Kings bearing gifts…and yeah, the thought came of what I’m bringing…Seriously…what am I giving to the Lord?  Lots to ponder there but all that kept coming is that He gives…and our part is to receive. Anyway, once again, the poem spilled out.  Blessings to you and yours this Christmas. Blessings abound for sure…  Emmanuel. God is with us.

By His Grace ~





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