Thankful Thursday


Today, am thankful for sunshine.  For cool breezes and warm light.

For challenges faced and small steps taken. For divine appointments that are so apparent.

For the fact that sometimes what we would never chose can be the greatest blessing in helping us to reach out to another person. Thankful for catching such a glimpse of that today.  Thankful for grace in the midst of the messes of life.   Thankful for those who don’t turn their eyes away from “messy” and for the messes in my life that have helped me learn to give grace because I’m so aware of our need for it.   Thankful for a daughter who is growing in her compassion that doesn’t just say words, but that takes action to meet needs.  Thankful for sons who listened and heard their brother’s frustrations and let him vent, and then took time to slowly speak what they thought would be best.  Thankful so thankful, that we’re all connected and need each other, and for the vulnerabilities and grace that helps those connections to be made.

Yes, I’m thankful for sunshine, and also thankful for when that sun goes down.  For quiet, for rest, for time to slow down a bit and reflect and then just get some sleep in the darkness.  Thankful for the quiet of the darkness and the quiet at the end of the day. And thankful that in a few short hours, that sun will rise again, and we’ll have the gift of another day to find things to be thankful for.

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