Staying Close

So on this “Thankful Thursday” am thankful for a little ‘profile in courage’ of our own. This is Tala.  She does not like bridges.  Especially long bridges.  Even more so, very long swinging bridges where you can look under your four legs and see a stream flowing way down below. Nope, she doesn’t like bridges at all. She made that clear in strong protest. I didn’t blame her. And once she belly-crawled to the steps, she did this again:  Read more

Thankful Thursday

Today…I’m thankful for… …hugs and tears and sweet see-ya-later-love-you-so-much good byes to my not-so-little birds who are leaving the nest. …suitcases that miraculously stretch and items that fit together like a puzzle when there is absolutely  no way that all of these things could fit in that space. …sons and daughters who have personality through the roof but who will drive for hours to give one last hug, and make an effort to bowl one last game with their littleRead more

These feet

So, these little feet that used to “pitter-patter” across the floor aren’t so little anymore. They are going places and on their own path, and every once in a while, they make it back home.  Their paths are so different, their walks are unique.  Their gaits are all their own.  Some run quite a bit.  Some mosey.  Some walk with purpose and determination.  Some are often barefoot.  Some wear boots on a daily basis. Some wear orange and bright blueRead more

Thankful Thursday

On this Thankful Thursday, my heart is so full.  We’ve had a full day…a last hurrah of sorts before the exodus of my children begins… Up early, turkey in the oven because even with this full day of family time white water rafting and kayaking and traveling, we have a surprise Christmas dinner (slash birthday dinner, slash Easter dinner, slash every holiday that my son will be missing in the next year as he is overseas and we are here…)Read more

…a few thoughts on endings and beginnings…

It was another beautiful Carolina sunset last night.  I was in the car with four of my children traveling back home after we had spent a fun time with their grandparents.  As the summer winds down, I’m so aware that there are very few days left of the long anticipated break that we’ve so enjoyed.  It’s the first time that almost all of my kids have been together in our home in over 4 years, and it’s been really sweet.Read more

Weekly Photo Challenge ~ “Half and Half”

Well, I cropped half of this photo because yours truly is so not photogenic at times and my girl Hope is.  But when I looked at the picture, I just smiled, cause, even though I’m not in the photo, I am. See that hand right there that’s on my girl’s shoulder?  Well, whether I’m in the photo or not, I’m there.  She knows it.   You see, my babies are all leaving the nest.  Three will be leaving in aboutRead more

Daily Prompt – Transition

Transitions…moving from one stage to another Mulberries in transition …most are not quite ripe. The readiness factor involves lots of variables including sunlight, water, and ………………………………..time. So here’s the thing. No matter what we do, or attempt to do, sometimes things just take time to transition from one state or stage to another. The actual passing of time cannot be rushed, managed, or controlled. And that’s the beauty of transitions and changes and growth. Some things we can control, butRead more