Thankful Thursday


Today…I’m thankful for…

…hugs and tears and sweet see-ya-later-love-you-so-much good byes to my not-so-little birds who are leaving the nest.

…suitcases that miraculously stretch and items that fit together like a puzzle when there is absolutely  no way that all of these things could fit in that space.

…sons and daughters who have personality through the roof but who will drive for hours to give one last hug, and make an effort to bowl one last game with their little brother even when it means giving up hours of a day that was jam-packed with ‘to-do” stuff.

…sleep…and more than that, for rest.

I’m thankful for…

…sunshine and new tomorrows and hopes and dreams of twenty-something ‘kids’ who are going for their dreams and taking risks and working hard to move forward.

…provision… God’s amazing Provision…that comes in unexpected packages but so point to Him…like…the perfect pair of Good Will shoes valued at over $100 that cost $4 and were a perfect fit and in mint condition (oh, and the humility of those willing to find their needs met at thrift stores, and the joy that comes when they see that Hand of provision with the perfect find), or the timing of the phone call of encouragement…or the devotion that so spoke to me right where I was.  Provision that comes in people who love well and bring just the right book for just the right person at just the right time.  Provision that helps me to gets my eyes off of my striving to meet the needs of my kids and refocuses  my eyes on an Amazing Provider who provides in fun and unexpected ways.  He can do whatever He wants. It all belongs to Him after all…

I’m thankful for….

…messes….Messes?  Yes,messes.  ….So many messes left behind by those who left in a flurry and  the healing and memories and smiles that comes as I go through the “stuff” that matters so little and am thankful for the ones (who matter so much) who left the “stuff” there.  (However, there do need to be some goals about not just packing but cleaning up the wake left behind in my house!)

I’m thankful for new beginnings for all of us.  For the ability to focus on the tasks at hand and the people here right here right now, and the joy that comes in all of the vicarious experiences that go on as I speak with each of my children who have transitioned out of our home in the past two weeks.

Yes, a flurry of activity has gone on, and now, there’s a lot of quiet.  I’m thankful for the music that will fill it (even when it is my 16 year old son “rapping” his own tune to whatever thought pops into his mind at the moment including asking me what’s for dinner and singing about missing his brother…yes, all in the form of ‘rap’.)  I’m thankful, in a way, for the fact that that same 16 year old son is currently grounded from the TV and  XBOX, and for the fact that our living room has been filled with reading books and listening to music and …get this….quiet.

I’m thankful.  And hopeful.

Blessings to You and Yours ~


“May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in Him…”

Romans 15:13

6 responses to Thankful Thursday

  1. slfinnell says:

    So well said! Been lucky to have my girls go to college locally for the last few years. Times coming when they’ll be heading out of town though. Such a hard pill to swallow.

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