Sunrise, Sunset


So yesterday began with beautiful sights. It was the whole ‘Super Blue Blood Moon” Lunar Eclipse morning.


And here’s the “Super Blue Blood Moon” eclipse. Pretty cool sights all before 7:00 this morning.


On the way to work, I always pass a beautiful spot where the sun is usually just peeking out while I’m passing by.  I beat it by a few minutes today.

The day was a good day. It was my first day back after being sick with the flu (ugh) for a few days. Spent the weekend in bed, and finally felt like myself yesterday. It was a good day to be back. I was thankful for routine and being able to see and laugh with my students. I had a few sweet cards waiting for me…gotta love being a teacher…

I left school and ran a few errands. Got a phone call and, well, it was just one of those calls where you know in the middle of it that you and that loved one on the other end of the phone are just missing each other. Not missing as in, wanting to see each other. Nope. I mean, missing as in just not getting each other, understanding, connecting. Some conversations are just like that. This one definitely was. (Ugh again…worse ugh than the flu…)

I went home, did a few things, got dinner started and decided that while it cooked, I was going to go for a walk to get some perspective because my frustration level was pretty high regarding the misunderstanding, the disconnect on that phone call. I wasn’t prepared for the cold because I was still wearing the cardigan I had worn at school and didn’t realize how very cold it still was. I walked briskly, and asked God to help me see.  Not just with my eyes. My heart needed en –light-en ing. Big time. That conversation had me in a bit of a funk, for sure. So I’m thinking He said, “Yes” to my prayer because the first thing I saw really helped me.

Light touches the tips of the trees … surfaces…not the depths.

See how the light is just touching the surface?  It’s just touching the tip top of the trees. But underneath, there’s a lot of stuff that doesn’t meet the eye. It’s tough to see what the light isn’t shining on. It takes intentional searching, attempts at unveiling things, or a good flashlight to see much else in these woods. I kind of feel like that was what was going on with my earlier conversation. It didn’t seem like it was really even about what was said or seen in that moment, but was about what was already there…under the surface. Things that I wasn’t necessarily aware of….but needed to be intentional about seeing/ seeking out.  We might just be seeing the tip of the iceberg of what’s on someone’s mind/heart. Takes searching and commitment to get to the roots of an issue. (Trying not to say “ugh”, but thinking it…)

Landscape is always changing.

Light, clouds, waves, wind….always a ton of variables to change things. Even though some things stays the same, there are always things changing that don’t. That can influence the way things are seen and perceived. But gotta remember that the important stuff…hopefully that’s what stays the same. That’s what we remember and hold on to, no matter the way the lighting changes or the current or the wind.

Leaves can hang on for a long long time…freshness of Spring will bring in the new

Sometimes old habits die hard and are still there long after the life has gone out of them. Gotta recognize what’s gone. Gotta recognize what’s merely hanging on that needs to be let go. Cool that Spring will push the dead things away. Am thinking we need to bring freshness of Spring and new life to relationships too. Recognize the things that are dragging us down, and try to switch it up.


all different shapes and textures and types in a square foot. All respond differently and have basic needs the same, but specific needs so different and catered to their own design.

We are all so very different. Sure, we have basic needs that are the same or similar, but there’s LOTS of room for variation of looks, likes, responses…all that. Variety is a good thing, but not always easy to figure out right away. Recognizing difference helps us to predict responses a bit. So, maybe, again, it’s important to switch up things that might not bring up the best response, and turn on things that will open up better lines of communication.

Vines cover this tree and change it’s appearance. Adds color and beauty and texture. Looks like a part of the tree, but it’s not…It’s just merely something added on.

We can dress things up….cover things up, change the appearance of what is, but that doesn’t change realities. It just changes how realities are perceived. Sometimes we have to wade through the what’s covering up, and think about why it might be there in the first place.


No more insights to add here…I just really like the photo 🙂

Reflections Reflect…but aren’t the real thing.

Reflecting is important…but gotta remember that a reflection is just that…a reflection.        Not a reality. It’s a reflection.  Sometimes we might think we see things clearly, in full, in totality, but when we’re trying to see through another’s eyes, well, it’s like a reflection….might be close, but not necessarily accurate. Empathy helps to see a little clearer. It’s just important to realize that our perspective sees in part…and our opinions might be a reflection of what’s true, but not necessarily the full reality of the situation. Always room for growth, that’s for sure.

In the winter, it’s hard to tell what’s dead, and what’s alive…

So here’s the thought with this photo… In the winters, or cold spells of relationships, well, sometimes it’s hard to see any good. We might just paint it all black and not see the value of what’s there, the potential within. Only a matter of months before most of these trees will be covered in lime green little leaves. But a few of them might not have any life in them. My point is, that sometimes when we go through tough seasons in relationships, we can lump all that is good and still alive with the stuff that is …not. We can see it all through winter’s eyes and not warm up to the fact that some things are still very much alive. Gotta see with eyes that see beyond what’s seen…that look for the potential rather than the dormant period.


Things that are current and relevant don’t always stay that way. Gotta switch stuff up.  What worked at one time years ago, just might not work in quite the same way now.

Yeah, that log cabin was lived in at one time. Was probably a great little place to be, to live, to raise a family. It even still has some little rocking chairs inside. But it just doesn’t quite fit anymore. It’s a bit out of date, wouldn’t ya say?  Yes…and sometimes in relationships, it’s important to make sure we’re keeping ‘current and relevant’…or else things can get stale and old. Gotta be sure that there’s new life coming in with the old stability.


Benches aren’t chairs…there’s room for more than one

Some things need to be handled side by side, face to face, sitting down… committed to working out and working through. Especially when it comes to hard things. Park Benches are good for that…out it the open, neutral ground and no distractions (except squirrels….the literal kind 🙂 ) to get attention away from where it needs to be. They’re not chairs for one…they’re places where at least two people can sit and for that moment breathe the same air and see just about the same sights and have some common ground. Because, sometimes in relationships, common ground has got to be found.


Sometimes parameters, boundaries are good things. Gotta have some room and space, but sometimes it’s so good to have barriers to help things stick to the point, stay on the path.

Rocks can make strong foundations

Rocks can make you stumble or can be a foundation to build on. All depends on what you do with them.  We can use things as a weapon or a tool, as destructive or constructive….     All depends on the intent and the use. Gotta be smart with rocks. Skipping stones is fun. Casting stones is dangerous.

Paths of least resistance

Unless you want to go the path of least resistance, you’ve gotta resist.                                       Yep, takes work to take the high road.  Sometimes a whole lot of work. But things that are worth it are worth it.

Branches go way beyond the tree

Branches branch out way beyond the circumference of the tree. What effects us often branches out way beyond us…and impacts those in our circumference whether we want it to or not.

Ever Greens

Evergreens are. Ever Green. All seasons, they stay the same. Steady. Good example…


Erosion takes a toll. Little by little, steals away a strong foundation.  Takes time…and the thing is that early intervention can make a difference. But once too much damage is done, well, it’s a bit too late for intervention. Good to intervene early.

Abandoned Bridge

Old stuff that is no longer helpful can become a huge barrier and something that is a huge pain to get out of the way.  Huge.

Bark protects but not when it’s not on the tree

Protective coverings protect. Letting down guards is good to a point, but bark is there for a reason. Once the bark is gone, the tree vulnerable to all sorts of forces and disease and takes a long long time to grow back (if ever). There’s a difference between being defensive and protecting. Love protects. Doesn’t pare down in a way that’s destructive. Love protects.

Not sure why all the bark is off this tree. Looked so vulnerable to the elements. Am thinking it won’t be standing for too much longer. It will have a big impact when this tall tree goes down.

Bridges wouldn’t be there if there weren’t a chasm, a divide, a gap. Gotta build a bridge first. Then, gotta be willing to cross it. Bridges connect, but you’ve gotta move to allow them to have any value.  Relationships can have divides too. Gotta figure out what might be the best link…be intentional about building, then willing to move towards what is  (who is) on the other side.

Lights  on the move

Lights shine brightest in the darkness. But they only go so far…can’t light up all the darkness, but you can at least see the way ahead, even if it’s just like a lamp to the feet…Oh, and when there’s someone with a light in front, well it sure makes it easier to see and find your way.  Two lights shine brighter than one…two lights dispel more darkness than one.

Day’s End

A day’s end is just a reminder that there’s a new beginning just around the corner.  Sometimes misunderstandings can be so hard. The cool thing is, if we’re committed to working through them, they en-light-en us..they help us see things we never see before, because we start looking for them. Also en-light-en us in terms of lightening the load…Love that. Sometimes darkness helps us look for light.  And find it.So very thankful for that.

So, I got a another call later from the same person that the call had been from earlier, and guess what? Am thankful to say it was so good. (Please take note, however, that I didn’t say ‘easy’. It wasn’t easy…)  I did lots of listening and thinking and hearing.  I did clarify some things and spoke my mind but do you know what was so so good?  All of the visual lessons I had learned on my cold brisk walk at the river had kind of prepared me for listening. I had lots of think time and reflecting time and time to step back and get a bit more perspective.  Stepping back is so key, isn’t it? I had time to pray not just for me but for that person. Even though there’s still lots to communicate through, am so thankful for the commitment to do just that… There’s still an “ugh” component to the hard, but a thankful, “phew” component to knowing that we’ll get there. Just takes time and reflecting, and maybe, a walk or two (or ten) in the woods.

So, from beautiful sun (and moon) rise, to stunning sunset, it was a good day, good day, even with the many blips along the way.  When I prayed that God would show me a thing or two on the walk, He showed up in real and tangible ways.  He has a way of doing that. Whether we ask or not…  I’m so thankful for a God who is faithful to pursue us even when we’re not faithful in the response. He’s a God who loves without Limits, but loves us enough to have limits. And His love, unlike mine, is perfect.  Perfect. Passionate. True.  And it’s there when I see it in a beautiful sunrise. And it’s there when I can’t see a thing in the dark of night. It’s there in the in between. I’m especially thankful for that, because in this life of mine, there sure is a lot of ‘in between…”

Blessings ~


“But if any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask of God, who gives to all generously and without reproach, and it will be given to him.”  James 1:5

“From the rising of the sun to the place where it sets, the name of the LORD is to be praised.”Psalm 113:3

“If we are faithless, he remains faithful— for he cannot deny himself.”  2 Timothy 2:13




Thankful Thursday

6 responses to Sunrise, Sunset

  1. ” I’m so thankful for a God who is faithful to pursue us even when we’re not faithful in the response. He’s a God who loves without limits, but loves us enough to have limits.”
    Once again, lots of meat to chew on…thanks. Great photos too to go along with the pondering…

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  2. Not sure how I missed this post, but I love the variety of photos! You capture all kinds of things that are generally missed, and you compose your photos in such a way as to bring a new perspective to your subject. These are wonderful! 🙂

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    • soletusknow says:

      Thanks so much, Lynn! Was thankful for the sights and sounds of the walk that night….sure helped me to kind of reboot my heart and mind with truth.


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