…a few thoughts on endings and beginnings…


It was another beautiful Carolina sunset last night.  I was in the car with four of my children traveling back home after we had spent a fun time with their grandparents.  As the summer winds down, I’m so aware that there are very few days left of the long anticipated break that we’ve so enjoyed.  It’s the first time that almost all of my kids have been together in our home in over 4 years, and it’s been really sweet.  But in a few weeks, I know that this time will be coming to an end.  Three will be moving out to ‘do their thing’, and I’ll be going back to school to teach.

So, knowing that the time is limited, each day is precious. I find myself getting up earlier and earlier…as if I just don’t want to miss a minute of the day.  There are always a million details, and yet, I find myself resting a bit, observing, and enjoying the time with these ones here at our house.  If they ask me to do something, I do my best to go.  The to do list will get done.  But the time together won’t always be here, so time together is time well spent.  Even when it’s not easy…conversations that need to be had or discussions or working through things,…that’s movement toward the right thing cause it’s movement toward each other.  Thankful for relationships that are real. Not perfect.  Real, and full of hope and promise.

The sunset reminds me that the ending is coming.  I love the visual of knowing that after the sunsets, it will rise again.  With endings come beginnings.  Each one looks different, but each sunrise is a reminder that we get fresh starts and even if it’s not the same, it’s a gift, and we need to enjoy the time we have while we have it…whether it’s on the journey together, or apart….that sun is going to rise in the morning and set in the evening wherever we are, and pretty soon, ‘where we are’ will be in Wilmington, NC, Boone, NC, Myrtle Beach, NC, and ….Sweden.   But as I said, the sun will always rise in the morning and set in the evening except…except… for maybe in Alaska or….Sweden.  In Sweden, the sun might just set at 3:00 in the afternoon, but thank goodness for lights and candles and the fact that it will rise in the morning! (even if it does rise at 4 in the morning!)  Here’s to sunrises and sunsets wherever our paths may lead…and the letting go in wherever our children’s paths may lead.



Note*  This was written a few short weeks ago, and since that time, the kids have all transitioned out….one to Boone, one to Wilmington, and one, now…today…is en route to …Sweden. My house is a bit emptier…(but trust me, they’ve left behind plenty of clean up projects created in the flurry of packing and moving out!) Praying for joy in the journeys of these new beginnings and so very thankful for tearful endings, because it’s never easy to say goodbye to those we love… Trusting  God that He goes before them, and will pick up the pieces (and dry the tears) of those left behind.

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