Weekly Photo Challenge ~ “Half and Half”

half and half

Well, I cropped half of this photo because yours truly is so not photogenic at times and my girl Hope is.  But when I looked at the picture, I just smiled, cause, even though I’m not in the photo, I am. See that hand right there that’s on my girl’s shoulder?  Well, whether I’m in the photo or not, I’m there.  She knows it.   You see, my babies are all leaving the nest.  Three will be leaving in about a month…one to the coast, one to the mountains, and one to… Sweden.  I won’t be in those photos that they send from their little new corner of the world, but then again, I will be.  Because half of my heart belongs to them.  Half of my heart divided six ways.  No, it’s not perfect math, but it is so perfectly true.  A mom’s heart can be divided in many, many “halves”.

To further the analogy a bit…I love that just as a mom’s heart goes with her children, or a husband’s with his wife, a friend’s with a friend, etc, God is so the unseen presence in the photos of our lives.  He is so much more than omnipresent.  He loves in a way that moms could only hope to love.  He knows us in a way that is deeper than we know ourselves. He has great plans for us that could exceed what we think or imagine.  It is but ours to recognize that unseen yet so very seen Presence in our lives. And in the same way that math concepts don’t transfer over into the divisions of the heart, I have a feeling that the infinite and unmeasurable love of God divides and multiplies at the same time.  That’s kind of how love is…the more it is divided, the more it is multiplied.  Love that.

Oh, and love kind of throws science out the window as well because it goes wherever our hearts are, whether we are there or not. Yep, even for we moms that stay home as our children venture out, our hearts and love can travel to countless places…such as the coast, the mountains, or even…Sweden.  Thankful for that, because as moms know, more and more of the photos are merely of our ‘better halves”…who are now living their lives wholly on their own. May they sense their loved ones’ hands on their shoulders, and the presence of the “Everlasting Arms’ wherever they may be.


“Be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed,

for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.”

Joshua 1:8


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