little ripples

So, some mornings are more full than others. This morning was one of those for me. I had a few meetings (which come with lots of paperwork where it’s oh-so-legally-necessary to dot all the i’s and cross the t’s.)  To complicate my day  a bit further, our school system has changed computer programs (fun, fun!) which requires a lot more energy and time and focus to be able to complete the necessary forms. I was running a bit late thisRead more

a few thoughts on value…

It’s been a rainy, kind of full (aw-full) week, but today was a beautiful, sunny day. After a full morning, I went to run some errands which included going to the library. Spent  a little time getting some things together and then needed to print them. As I went to the printer, a teacher friend from years gone by was right there. It was so fun to connect and laugh and reminisce for  a bit. I don’t think we were talkingRead more

Thankful Thursday

Ugh. Where to begin. It’s February 15th, the day after Valentine’s Day. As sweet as yesterday was, today started with how it ended last night…with the news about the 17 lost. School shooting. Ugh.  It began for so many with fears and tears and senseless loss. Tough to be thankful for that. And the Keurig coffee maker is being persnickety. That seemingly small and shallow detail didn’t help with the start of my day either. I went into school andRead more

Wordless Wednesday

So, this little guy didn’t get to go on his field trip with his class today. He was pretty upset. Rightly so. Wasn’t because he had been disrespectful or not done homework or anything of a punitive nature. He just hadn’t brought back the permission, and we couldn’t get a hold of mom. When I went in his room, his coat was all the way over his head and he was so not happy about his plight. I wouldn’t haveRead more

Daily Prompt Challenge ~ “Love”

My little niece was having one of those moments when she needed a bit of reassurance. Love that my sister in law is a mom who is tuned in. She listened and waited and comforted, and this little one was probably back to her normal sweet and spunky self in a short period of time! I love how love does that. It transforms. It’s not magical, but it’s so powerful. It’s not manipulative, just a sacrificial, getting in there, beingRead more

Daily Prompt: A Friend In Need

The need? Chloee needs a bit of comforting after falling on the concrete. She handled it well at first, but concern for the “boo-boo” kept surfacing. The friend? A sister who let her know with a cheek to cheek hug that she loved her and she was sorry about Chloee having to deal with the “boo-boo”. The needs may change as we get older. Financial stresses, physical challenges, and difficult circumstances can get us down. But there’s nothing like aRead more

Moment of Kindness – Daily Prompt

Doesn’t get much sweeter than this! Little two year old Chloee shares a flower with her mom Sometimes the spontaneous little acts of kindness are the best. Unexpected delights shared out of the blue. Chloee saw the beauty of the flower, picked it, and didn’t leave it at that. Love that even a two year old wants to share the beauty they see! May we never lose that desire to share the joys and beauty in our lives…Read more