little ripples

So, some mornings are more full than others. This morning was one of those for me. I had a few meetings (which come with lots of paperwork where it’s oh-so-legally-necessary to dot all the i’s and cross the t’s.)  To complicate my day  a bit further, our school system has changed computer programs (fun, fun!) which requires a lot more energy and time and focus to be able to complete the necessary forms.

I was running a bit late this morning and when I got to school realized that the time required for extra things would increase as my assistant was not there…so there was more explaining to the substitute teacher and extra things squeezed into what was going to be a full day anyway. There were extra phone calls with things  to trouble shoot and some students who required an extra ‘pow-wow’ or two. There was news of some tough issues which students were facing, and some sadness about some transitions of some co workers.  It was just a full morning that turned into a full day.

leaf in water

And at the end of the day, I exhaled and was cleaning up  my classroom…and in walks a fourth grade student of mine and another 4th grade student I didn’t know. He made a bee-line for me and gave me a big hug. I hugged him right back and said thank you, smiled big, and said “I’ll see ya tomorrow!”  As he was walking towards his friend standing by the door, he said to his friend, “Do you want a hug?”  And he didn’t mean from him! He meant from me <3…   And the student looked a little embarrassed and I stood up, smiled, and said, “Here ya go,..”…and he smiled and I hugged him and thought that was a sweet enough moment.


But then, what happened next was the kicker. The student of mine looked at me and said, “Yeah, Mrs. Halbert, he does the palm push too. I taught him how to do it when he gets upset.” I smiled big again. Really big.  (For teaching resilience in kids, stress relief, etc. I’ve made up lots of little ditties…one of those is called the palm push.,)  But yeah, I smiled big because on a day that was full of lots of details and dotting i’s and crossing t’s….details that felt so insignificant, I was reminded that there are good things going on…good things that so matter. Students truly were taking some things in…and not only that, but passing them on. There are indeed lots of good things going on. They are significant. Maybe unseen. But truly significant.


We never know the impact we’re having. Nope. We cast our stone in the water and the ripples go way beyond where we tossed it. Way beyond what we’ll see or hear of or know. Maybe there’s some grace in that sometimes because we should never think that it’s about us. But I love those moments when we’re reminded that little things are so not….little, that is. The little things we do can be so significant. The prayer breathed for a co-worker. The little note to a family member. The visit, the door held open, the cooked meal. May we never forget the value of the little things and how the ripples truly go out, and may come right back to you when you least expect it.

They sure did for me.  “See ya tomorrow Mrs. Halbert!” my student said as he and his friend walked out the door.  “Yes, I’ll see you tomorrow”, I said. As he walked out the door, all I felt was gratitude. Not just for the sweet moment. But for the encouragement that came just at the right time.  Funny how that happens sometimes. ❤



p.s. Yep, am thinking nothing is insignificant when it comes to attitudes and actions. They ripple out for sure. And not only that, they are indicators of the deepest wells of our souls….Sounds deep, but it’s so true…actions are indicators that ripple out —and indicators that reflect what’s within…   “Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’  (Matthew 25:40). Prayers that what we do for Him are things that ripple out in ways that are for the good.  We never know who those ripples will reach….



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