…a few thoughts on being careful…


On my way to work, I always drive by a little abandoned home. The other day, I smiled as I noticed a sweet little clump of daffodils in the middle of the tall grass. It stood out and reminded me, that in the midst of all the craziness going on now in our world with shut downs and health and financial crises, well, there was still new life, still beauty, still some normal things that weren’t being stopped or shut down.

So yeah, the past few days, I enjoyed seeing the flowers even in the midst of the growing grass. Well, yesterday, I was sad to see that a lawnmower was making its way around the seemingly abandoned lawn. I silently waved to the man on the lawnmower but wished he wouldn’t have come, lol. I figured the daffodils would be gone next time I passed by…mowed with the grasses.

But this morning….guess what? They weren’t. The beautiful simple flowers were standing tall in the middle of the mowed grass. The man who mowed had taken care…..been careful to mow all around the flowers, but left them standing, like a precious spring floral bouquet in the middle of the yard.

I smiled. I’m guessing I wasn’t the only one who  passed and smiled. (But I may have been the only one who got out of my car and took a few photos of them, lol.)

When I hear the word “careful”, I often think of  caution. I think of being careful so as not to make a mistake. I think of being careful so as not to get hurt or break something or be irresponsible. In this current COVID-19 season, I think of washing my hands and staying home and doing my best that I’m not a carrier of a disease that can cause sickness to those around me.

But as I looked at these daffodils this morning, “careful” felt more like “care-full”  …full of care. More than caution or measured actions, it looked and felt like grace that does something unexpected and kind. It felt like a gesture that was done whether folks noticed it or not. Am thinking those are the best kind.

And I noticed.  I’m guessing lots of folks did.

So as we’re being careful—oh so very careful and cautious these days, well I was gently reminded today to be care-full….full of care. It might feel like no one notices…but that’s the beauty of being caring. It becomes more about the giving than receiving, more about the doing than the act. Those who are care-full, well, am thinking the blessing comes in the doing…and is multiplied and ripples out to folks they’ll never even see.

Or, maybe, like the man on the lawnmower who slightly waved as I drove by, we might see them drive on by and wave, but never realize the impact we have on them just by being a little bit care-full.

These days being careful (cautious, diligent, mindful of following COVID-19 guidelines) IS being CARE-FULL (kind, generous, thoughtful). Because like the man who oh-so-care-fully mowed around the clump of daffodils, we are being called upon to oh-so-carefully be diligent in following procedures to ensure the safety, health and well-being of the more vulnerable in our society.  And here’s the thing—ANY one of us  or our loved ones could be the vulnerable one. What happens in a day, in a life doesn’t always follow general statistics. There are anomalies for the good and anomalies for the bad. Being careful and care-full these days could very well do more than encourage a heart, they could save a life.

So often, the little things are the big things. I’m thinking in this season that we’re in, that couldn’t be more true. ❤

Blessings ~



Be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another,

as God in Christ forgave you.

Ephesians 4:32

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