Wordless Wednesday


So, this little guy didn’t get to go on his field trip with his class today. He was pretty upset. Rightly so. Wasn’t because he had been disrespectful or not done homework or anything of a punitive nature. He just hadn’t brought back the permission, and we couldn’t get a hold of mom. When I went in his room, his coat was all the way over his head and he was so not happy about his plight. I wouldn’t have been either.

But he came with me and he spent the morning with me and other students and seemed pretty happy….but oh-so-incredibly fidgety, as are many of my students, and sometimes their teacher as well 🙂  So when it came for my planning time, this little guy and I went outside to the walking track. Correction, walking track for me. RUNNNNNNNing, JUMPING, sKiPpInG track for him.

And then after walking a bit, I asked a question. I said, “Would you like to pick some flowers for your teacher?”  And that running, jumping, SPRINTING child listened and smiled and was actually incredibly quiet and STILL for a minute…………………………………..  “YEAH!” he says. Big smile. HUGE smile…and then, …..

And then the RUNNING, JUMPING, sKiPpInG boy circled and looped the inside of the track for tall dandelions. He scanned and searched and stooped and picked then scanned and searched some more.  And then he organized them in a beautiful little bouquet and QUIETLY and happily and with great focus and attention made sure that they “looked good.”.

And we skipped and walked and he ran and looped our way back to the school for the next group of students and lesson. (Am convinced he probably took 4 or 5 steps for every one of mine…not just because of his gait, but because of his looping around and around as I walked a somewhat straight line.)  I’m thinking he’s going to sleep well tonight.

I’m thinking I will too.  No, it wasn’t a fun field trip to a science center, but it was a good day. My little right hand man assistant and I had a pretty good day. I’m thinking his teacher might smile when she sees the dandelion bouquet in her box as well. Thankful that sometimes, the little things really do feel like big things.



Wordless Wednesday

(I’ll do better with the ‘wordless’ part next week…but hope you enjoyed the photo 🙂 )




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