Ugh. It’s the back to school January blues for this chick. I’ve been trying to focus my mind and have been failing miserably.  I tried thinking of all the thinks*  I’m thankful for,  prayed,  ( (things*, but I think it’s an appropriate typo, lol!)  I prepared lessons, and it all came up a bit short. It came up short that is… until I started to sing…and lift up my voice. So this song was sung/written on the way to DollarRead more

Carry on…

Praying for some dear friends and through some things this morning and found myself singing these words….  I love that God doesn’t pull back from the difficult things in life. He calls us to draw near to Him, to trust Him, to walk in His ways. He calls us to greater things than what we can imagine…but sometimes the pathway isn’t what we’d imagine or choose, that’s for sure. I love that He can use all things. ALL things. TheRead more

Under the Same Sky

Years ago, I wrote a song called, “Under the Same Sky”.  It was written while I sat on the porch steps and looked up at the stars and thought about my friend who I knew was probably out walking “under the same sky”, seeing the same stars. (She always went for a walk in her neighborhood at a certain time of night.)   But of course, we were seeing those stars from different vantage points.  You see, we had hadRead more