a few thoughts on beauty and resilience…

I got a great gift for Christmas. It was from my husband. And I tried hard not to seek out any hidden messages in the gift and to just be thankful. I guess the message wasn’t too hidden anyway.¬† Nope, not at all. Here it is ūüôā Yep. So I thanked him graciously (and meant¬† it. ) And I have used it and love it and am truly thankful for him getting something I probably wouldn’t have gotten myself. ButRead more

To Dance

  His mom is beautiful. ¬†And the beauty on the outside is only surpassed by the inside. ¬†She’s compassionate. Fun. Artistic and creative. I remember her as one who loves well and laughs easily. She loves to dance. Actually teaches dance and is still in an adult community ballet as far as I know. She’s a woman who loves well and laughs easily. Years ago, as our trio sang, she danced during one of my favorite songs and did aRead more

it’s not about the tires

After a quiet Sunday morning of taking my time to drink my coffee, read, pray, even take some photos of a few things on the deck and blog a bit, I went out to the car to leave for nursery duty at church and saw…not one, but TWO¬†flat tires. And I’m not talking questionable or just a little low on air. I’m talking F ¬†L ¬†A ¬†T. And I felt a bit deflated for sure. More than just a bit.Read more


Nothing like coming back into your classroom after a long day of teaching and wondering if anything you did, said, or taught made a difference…and then, then… seeing this. It encouraged me to the core, especially when it came as a sweet message from a little guy whom I have heard say, “too hard”, “I can’t”, and “I won’t” so many times. (And the one whom I have had to ‘redirect’ quite sternly and emphatically so very many times.) Yep.Read more


In a little over a week, Autumn will officially become Winter. The leaves are leaving…a few are still hanging on, but most seem to be ending up in places like my sidewalk and yard and deck. ¬†December has come and even though yesterday I was wearing flip flops, now I feel like I should be wearing a parka. ¬†Seasons change, sometimes so quickly. Yes, things can change so quickly. I learned tonight that a woman who we used to goRead more


Every October, I remember. ¬†Of course, I remember throughout the year, but when leaves start to turn and there’s a chill in the air, I often find myself having to fight off some fears and steady my heart as my memories turn to two days, two sons, and two events in October of 2012. Two days: ¬†October 25th, 2012 and October 26th, 2012 Two Sons: ¬†Josh and Tanner Two Life Changing Events: Major Car Accident (Josh- October 25th, 2012) andRead more

if I fall

…am singing from Psalm 42 these days ‚̧ … If I fall, let me fall on my knees If I call, will you¬†draw near to me If I wade into waters too deep Will your grasp reach…   If the dark of night lingers long Will you be with me, be my song Will the gift of your Presence renew As I call out to You   If I seek, Oh, Lord help me find More of you,¬†may my heartRead more

…a cup of cold water…

So, the problems today are rampant. ¬†Watch the news for 5 minutes and it can be so ¬†overwhelming if you let yourself really take in what’s being reported. ¬†And the political climate? ¬†Honestly, I don’t even want to go there. ¬†There’s so much distrust, disrespect, and disarray…and the games being played are so obvious to the average citizen. I’ve never felt quite so disconcerted with it all and have always taken the privilege to vote as a gift and responsibility.Read more

…a little solitude…

  So this one? ¬†She’s at that place where there are lots of “life-changing” decisions. ¬†There are lots of pressures to make the right choices. ¬†There are lots of responsibilities and voices and people saying this and that, this and that and expressing their views. ¬†And that’s all well and good for a time. I mean, it’s true. ¬†But there are some things that we need to remember amidst all the voices and the noise of a world that oftenRead more