Morning Light

I pray you see the morning light

That darkness won’t prevail

that you’ll be focused on the fight

the will to live unveiled

the will to live, the ray of hope

oh seek it with your all

we love you more than anything

please answer to love’s call

we can’t control the choices made

You’ve said it time and again

the choice to live , the will to give

Yes, It is in your hands

Yes, in your hands but greater still

are everlasting arms

Oh God I beg you carry Him

and keep this soul from harm

the way is hard, confused, and dark

We need your Presence light

Prevail in this Oh Jesus please

and help us win this fight

…oh keep us near

At Night….

oh be our

morning light.

“the light shines in the darkness and the darkness cannot overcome it.” ~John 1:5

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