Silent Sunday

Creation speaks. It speaks of newness that rises out of the old, life that comes out of what appears dead, and brilliant beautiful colors that fill in where it was only subdued browns and grays of rocks and dirt. Seeing the flowers of Spring encourages me to remember that there’s hope. Always.  Always, always, always.  Even when all we see are browns and grays. What we bring to Him, He can make new. Not only new… but beautiful and lifeRead more

Something to Celebrate

“Christianity is not about bad people becoming good. It’s about dead people coming alive in Christ.” ~Kenny Hall, Youth Pastor, Element Church, Shelby,NC March 29th, 2015 I loved this quote from this young youth pastor last Sunday. It is just so true. We tend to make things about us. Our abilities.  Our shortcomings.  Our “qualifications” for being a ‘good Christian’.   But Christianity’s focus?  It is Jesus Christ. Not me and my shortcomings, or me and my abilities, but Him andRead more