Light and momentary in the Light of Christ

I have always loved this verse.  But this week, I really struggled with it.

Light and momentary struggles?

My friend who just had to try to revive her 15 year old daughter who has been in a wheelchair her whole life and has had countless procedures and surgeries…  It was not light.  It was terrifying.  But was God in the midst?  Yes.

It was not momentary.  The time it took for my friend to give mouth to mouth to her daughter who was turning blue….The time it took for her daughter to BREATHE must have seemed like an eternity.  But she did, and by the time the ambulance got there, the young girl’s oxygen levels had gone up and her mom was breathing as well.  Probably shaking in her boots, but relieved that Madison, precious Madison, was still here.  It was not momentary…the battle has gone on for 15 years.  But was …is …God in the midst?  Yes.

Light and Momentary? Maybe it is all IN LIGHT OF…IN LIGHT OF …IN LIGHT OF…Eternity.  Eternal  Glory.  The struggles we go through…the way we approach them with Faith, with Trust, with Joy…that is doing a work IN US.  And the growth, the joy, the way it works itself out in our lives is not MOMENTARY.  It is eternal.  So the journey continues.  With children in wheelchairs.  With financial struggles.  With rebellious teenagers.  With taking care of those who cannot take care of themselves….and those who will not.  Loving well in the midst of it all and being thankful for the moments….knowing that one day all will fade away in LIGHT of eternity. In LIGHT of the fact that God is in our midst…and one day we will see Him face to face and all of this will fade away.  And knowing that gives us hope in the midst of the things that could never seem light or temporary apart from the perspective that God’s LIVING Word and PRESENCE… offers us.

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