Irish Blessings

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She loved St. Patrick’s Day.  Over the years, I would receive sweet treasures around mid-March…bundled packages she’d send via UPS. One year, it was shamrock napkins and “Irish potatoes” …not real potatoes, but the coconut-covered-in-cinnamon Irish treat.

Another year, the package contained General Foods International Coffee…Irish Creme flavor of course. That was my favorite at the time. She knew that because for a year and a half I went to college outside of Philadelphia and was about an hour from where she lived so I’d sometimes go to visit her at the rest home on weekends. Those were treasured weekends for sure.

And then there was the year she sent Shamrocks for St. Patrick’s Day…real live shamrocks that I still have today and have shared with so many. Yep, my Grannie’s fingerprints are still very apparent in my home and the homes of so many others. I still have a card from her that has the Irish Blessing on it…she had cards for all of us that were given to us on the day of her funeral. Her gracious life kept reaching out to us even then.

Irish Blessing

When I’d thank Grannie for her gracious gifts, she’s so often say to “pass it on”. She’d say “I’ve had so many people in my life help me that I couldn’t repay. You might not be able to repay me, so you just pass it on….”  Share what you’ve got. Yeah, she was a big believer in the truth that it’s more blessed to give than to receive.  She was really blessed…and so many received so much through her generosity

So on this St. Patrick’s Day, my thoughts turned to her.  She’s remembered with a smile, and thought of with so much gratitude.  I could tell so many “Grannie” stories of this feisty, poised, determined woman who was courageous in her own rights. She raised two super kind daughters, and has great grandchildren she’ll never meet. But they’re learning her lessons, and hopefully, they too will be passing them on…


It’s a beautiful truth that giving often multiplies things rather than divides. And today, I’m thinking it’s pretty cool that Shamrocks are perennials– resilient little plants that pop up in unexpected places, and multiply when shared.  Would that we would all have “Grannies” in our lives, and would that we would have the fortitude, wisdom and generosity to be them.  Here’s to passing it on. Our “its”, what we have to share, may differ, but am thinking the principal of the blessing remains. May the truth that we are held in God’s hand loosen our grasp on what we hold.  May He multiply the blessings to you and yours today…

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(Irish <3) Blessings ~




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