…a few thoughts on endings and beginnings…



December Prayer

I’m determined to remember
I’m determined to forget
On this last day in December
I choose to move beyond regret

For it is often in the choosing
Of what to hold and to let go
for what we focus on will hold us
And what we feed in life will grow

I’ll forget what lies behind me
Those things I cannot change
But hold dear the lessons learned and
Find the beauty that remains

I’ll ‘forget’ the things that held me
The things that weighed me down
The regrets and prayers unanswered
to live a life that just resounds
Of the simple Faith that moves me
So simple yet profound
The truth that God has given grace
The Truth that I, the Lost, am found

So I choose to remember
And I choose to forget
On this last day of December
I know God’s not done with me yet

I forget what lies behind me
I focus on the prize
For so often destinations
are merely where we’ve set our sights

I’m determined to breathe in
I’m determined to breathe out
To embrace the moment where I stand
And pray that God’s grace will allow
Us to see some more Decembers
To make the most of each new Day
To live a simple life that speaks
Of God’s Amazing Grace

For the Alpha and Omega
Redeemer, Lord, and Friend
Was there at the beginning
And will be there at the end
Always endings bring beginnings
When one stops, one must begin
I will journey on just knowing
That He is with me till the end
And then with me…
whatever is next

I’m determined to remember
I’m determined to forget
I’m determined to hold on to the Truth
that I am not Home yet

I pray the days ahead are many
Filled with passion, purpose, hope
I’ll forget and I’ll remember
And pray that others come to know
The freedom that comes-
The joy, the faith, the hope-
in forgetting and remembering
And in trusting God alone

It is He who remembers
It is He who forgets
The Creator of all that lives and breathes
Forgives and forgets
As far as the East is from the West.
Oh my friend, do not forget
The Lord and His benefits.

Psalm 1, Psalm 103DSCN0539.jpg

6 responses to …a few thoughts on endings and beginnings…

  1. Wanda Langford says:

    Hi Heather,
    Your Mom shared this with me following a conversation she and I had. I keep a little post on my refrigerator that says, “Don’t waste energy regretting the way things are or what might have been”
    You have taken it further and raising it all up to “He who remembers, and He who forgets”
    and written in such a lovely way. Thank you.

    Liked by 1 person

    • soletusknow says:

      Thanks so much for letting me know, Wanda. So glad to be connected through my sweet Mom . Prayers for a good year of remembering and forgetting… ❤


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