lost and found

sometimes … it takes getting lost… really, really, really lost… To realize… that we need to be Found. Being found isn’t about finding this or finding that, searching for this, or searching for that. It’s not about finding ourselves or losing ourselves, It’s about being found…someone seeking us out and finding us. Like that lost sheep… Or that lost coin….   Sometimes….. We need someone to seek us out when we are lost and don’t know which way to turn.Read more

Ten Days, (part three)

So, part 2 of this little excursion ended with Day 5. Actually, Day 6.  Turns out there was a day I forgot to include and if it had been more ordinary, well, I would’ve just kept pressing on and not backtrack.   But, sorry,  I just can’t skip it because we went to the most amazing place!  Absolutely amazing.  We went to Milles Garden. Carl Milles was a sculptor born in 1875.  His home has been turned into a museumRead more

Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Object

The earring that was lost, was found today… Not just any day.  A day when I need encouragement. …Not just any earring.  It was one that I had made for a friend of mine. …Not just any friend.  It was a friend who is courageously facing an invasive cancer and being brave and compassionate and tenacious through it all. Found it after a day of battling some fears.  I think listening to her facing funeral plans, while still hoping andRead more