Sunday Stills – “Trees”

Lichens and Leaves

I went hiking with my son yesterday. The leaves on the trees weren’t yet at their ‘peak’, but they sure were beautiful to us!
This first photo of stills of trees is looking onward at trees.


Here’s a view looking up at the beautiful canopy of leaves on the trees.

Rock and view

And finally, am happy to say, we did make it to the top so that we could have a view of looking down on the tops of trees…it was definitely worth the effort! (And I promise you,it WAS a definite effort! I felt EVERY step as we neared the top of this tiny mountain!)

8 responses to Sunday Stills – “Trees”

    • soletusknow says:

      Thanks so much! I’m looking forward to being part of this challenge and appreciate the opportunity… See ya Next Sunday!


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