Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Object


The earring that was lost, was found today…

Not just any day.  A day when I need encouragement.

…Not just any earring.  It was one that I had made for a friend of mine.

…Not just any friend.  It was a friend who is courageously facing an invasive cancer and being brave and compassionate and tenacious through it all.

Found it after a day of battling some fears.  I think listening to her facing funeral plans, while still hoping and praying intensely for healing, had impacted me in a deeper way than I first realized.

My other friend who saw me as I realized that I had initially lost the earring had said to me,

“You’ll find it at just the right time.”

I just didn’t know that it would be just the ‘right time’ to encourage me!

So, that earring that I had made for my dear friend to encourage her?

Well, in the end it encouraged me.

And now that I finally found it, I’ll put it in the mail and pray that it encourages her just at the right moment.

Funny how one little object

Can make a big difference in one’s perspective.

Thankful for that!

“For He will give His angels charge over you, to keep you in all of your ways.”

Psalm 91:11


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