one in every crowd

They say, “There’s one in every crowd.” I say, thank goodness for that! Am thinking….If you’re lucky, there’s more than one 🙂 Thankful (most times!) for my ones in the crowd who keep things fun and fresh and unpredictable, I’m thankful for the way they help this (somewhat) predictable, (kind of) nerdy, (mostly) steady bird laugh and experience so much more.  Was not easy as a young mom when I was trying to keep my ‘ducks in a row’, butRead more

…a few thoughts from my window…

So I looked out the window this morning and saw this, and all I could think of was something that I tell my kids (and myself!) again and again and again.  I tell them to “not look to the left or the right, you just do your thing.”  And when I saw the trees this morning, that’s exactly what I saw. The dogwood was blooming a beautiful shade of pink.  The huge oak that was towering over it had tracesRead more

Common Ground

You can find them there in the classroom on Monday and Tuesday mornings.  They talk about the weekend and pets and paint colors.  They laugh and smile and compare whether high top Chuck Taylors are the best or not.  It’s a 15 minute appoinment that’s regularly kept by this first grade student and this young and energetic art teacher.  There are lots of smiles and talks with ease that build a bridge for helping a student transition into the worldRead more

Daily Prompt Challenge – Orderly

Black and white keys, each with a designated note in a designated place, all in a specific order. Each plays a specific note, and if it is out of tune, the rest sound “off” as well. Orderly, precise, and predictable is the design of the piano. The design is uniform, however, the ways the keys are played are as unique as each individual playing this instrument. The way I see it, we all are given some things that are theRead more