one in every crowd

 See far right sea gull 🙂 

They say, “There’s one in every crowd.”

I say, thank goodness for that!

Am thinking….If you’re lucky, there’s more than one 🙂

Thankful (most times!) for my ones in the crowd who keep things fun and fresh and unpredictable, I’m thankful for the way they help this (somewhat) predictable, (kind of) nerdy, (mostly) steady bird laugh and experience so much more.  Was not easy as a young mom when I was trying to keep my ‘ducks in a row’, but it sure has enriched our lives to have such wildly unique and different beings in our family. Love that. Thankful for each unique one and the way they have freed up this ‘momma bird’ to see and enjoy so much more.

It’s funny how we might think we’re helping our kids grow, but it seems that the way they grow us up can’t even touch what we’ve taught them. Yep, am thankful that ‘there’s one (or more!) in every crowd, even when that crowd happens to be a family.

Blessings ~




Thankful Thursday

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