in our midst

This past week, I was reminded that we never know who is in our midst, or where those around us have walked.  I have learned time and time again that those who come into our lives might be there for a reason, for a season, and not by accident. I teach a variety of academics at the elementary school where I work. But in recent years, I have been trying to help students to develop skills of resilience as well.Read more

sorting it out…

Sometimes I rush a bit. (That might be a tad bit of an understatement…) I rush and then spill stuff like coffee, or drop stuff like phones or keys or…beads. (Rushing never seems to pay off by the way.) Well, the other day, it was beads that I spilled. Not just a few…it was a whole tray of seed beads that Tanner had given me. I love the bright colors of the THOUSANDS of beads that spilled. THOUSands of teenyRead more

as a child…

Gilded chandeliers on high Columns reaching to the sky Centuries old this wondrous sight I wonder what God sees… Golden statues, candles’ flames Crowds that come and say The Name None to folly, none to blame I wonder what God sees… Folded hands, heart open wide Searching soul with closed eyes Praying words too deep to hide I’m thinking this God sees… …this young child kneeling there hands held out folded in prayer, kneeling down and casting cares I’m thinkingRead more

Thankful Thursday

  I drove by a crime scene this morning. There was the crime scene yellow tape, the police cars, the detectives walking around the yard. Crowds were gathering, and as I drove past there was that sick feeling in my stomach…not just that something bad had happened, but that sense that it was just an indicator of so much bad that is happening, not just here, but all around us, mostly hidden in the shadows, but so very present andRead more


So, I read this quote by Oswald Chambers just a little bit ago and my heart so got it, and …well, out poured the song.  Here’s the quote, then the song. “We must stop using religion as if it were some type of lofty lifestyle – we must be spiritually real.” ~ Oswald Chambers   Manger, cross, crown of thorns washing feet, enduring scorn Almighty God to earth in human form How can it be?   Seeing through the grandRead more

Standing Out…

Delicate?   Check. Vulnerable?  Check. Temporary?  Check. Eye-catching? Check. Responsive to Light?  Check. Standing out?  Check. Rooted?  Check. Intricately designed?  Check. Perennial…bounces back?  Check. Beautifully Blooming. Check. Thought for the day:  Bloom where you’re planted …. “Do everything without grumbling or arguing, so that you may become blameless and pure, “children of God without fault in a warped and crooked generation.”c Then you will shine among them like stars in the sky as you hold firmly to the word ofRead more

Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Converge

I loved walking on the pier today…it’s awesome to be able to see the wide expanse of the ocean, to feel the wind, the ocean mist, and the warmth of the sun on this chilly day in November.  But what I loved even more was going underneath and seeing this view of what was holding the pier up in the first place. The under girding of the pier took planning, strength, determination, and will in order to provide a strongRead more

Daily Prompt Challenge – “First”

Would you believe…this was my first car?! A 1969 Plymouth Barracuda, fastback edition. Yep, by many classic car experts, this would be a great find…but my high school friends weren’t classic car experts and didn’t think it was too cool! It was an older car and not what a teenage girl would choose as her first car, at least this once teenage girl. But for me, the Barracuda was key to my teenage independence and had great acceleration, and IRead more