as a child…


Gilded chandeliers on high

Columns reaching to the sky

Centuries old this wondrous sight

I wonder what God sees…

Golden statues, candles’ flames

Crowds that come and say The Name

None to folly, none to blame

I wonder what God sees…

Folded hands, heart open wide

Searching soul with closed eyes

Praying words too deep to hide

I’m thinking this God sees…

…this young child kneeling there

hands held out folded in prayer,

kneeling down and casting cares

I’m thinking this God sees…

Oh the wonder of it all

How Great He is, how vast, yet small

Stooping, reaching, seeing All

I’m thankful that God sees…

He sees the need yet stops not there

Reaches down and meets us there

Calls us all to cast our cares

He knows our frailty

For this Great and Mighty One

Came to earth, a babe, a son,

Bridged the gap so we may come

To this God who Sees…

To this Great and Risen Lord

Who heals and loves and will restore

He gives us eyes to see Him more

By faith He helps us see

See beyond the grand facades

Of a world that taunts ‘there is no god’

Unchanged by what we say He’s not

I’m thankful this God sees…

As a child, He bids us come

Lamb of God, this Holy One

Drawing near like this little one

I’m thankful this God sees

this child on his knees…

St. Patrick’s Cathedral, December 7th, 2018



“Then he said: I promise you this. If you don’t change and become like a child, you will never get into the kingdom of heaven.”

Matthew 18:3




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