Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Converge

mb cross pier

I loved walking on the pier today…it’s awesome to be able to see the wide expanse of the ocean, to feel the wind, the ocean mist, and the warmth of the sun on this chilly day in November.  But what I loved even more was going underneath and seeing this view of what was holding the pier up in the first place.

The under girding of the pier took planning, strength, determination, and will in order to provide a strong foundation for the thousands of people who would walk the pier day after day.  But do we think about that?  Are we even aware of who has gone before us and what has been achieved?  So often, we’re so not.  We take things for granted until something stops us in our tracks and our eyes are opened and we actually realize and recognize what has been there all along.

When we walked ‘underneath’ the pier and saw this view, it was such a visual of the humility and constant presence of Christ. Present, but not always seen.  Under girding, but not often recognized.  Beautiful, but not always appreciated.  What under girds us often goes unseen…but is so very present and necessary in the very things that we take for granted, so very necessary to our own existence even.

All through scripture, we read that God is for us.  God has a plan.  God is with us.  The Heavens speak of the glories of God,…but the loud declarations of a world that screams of it’s own accomplishments and abilities can drown out the still, small voice of the One who says, “Come unto me.”  Humility that is often seen as mere weakness in the world, was lived out in the birth, life, and death of Christ.  The cross of Christ and the work done there is the very foundation of Christianity. God could shout and demand, but he knocks and waits for us to choose Him.  He knocks and waits for the door to be opened. He creates, moves, lives and ordains, all the while not being recognized by the great majority of His own creation.

The cross of Christ is a picture of humility that is incredibly powerful and strong.  Kind of like that cross under the pier that people may not even know is there…it’s so there, with all of it’s benefits and beauty whether, we see it or not. Praying for eyes to see…and ears to hear..


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