one in every crowd

They say, “There’s one in every crowd.” I say, thank goodness for that! Am thinking….If you’re lucky, there’s more than one ­čÖé Thankful (most times!) for my ones in the crowd who keep things fun and fresh and unpredictable, I’m thankful for the way they help this (somewhat) predictable, (kind of) nerdy, (mostly) steady bird laugh and experience so much more.┬á Was not easy as a young mom when I was trying to keep my ‘ducks in a row’, butRead more

…a few thoughts on birds …

Well, it was kind of a long day. You probably know the kind. ┬áThe clock seemed to move in slow motion while ┬áthe tasks piled up quicker than I could get them done. I had to be in the car by 6:50 a.m. and still felt like I was running behind. ┬áThen I remembered that I had a meeting that I hadn’t yet completed the paperwork for…at 8:00 a.m. of course. ┬áNote to self: ┬áNever plan meetings for Monday mornings.Read more