…a few thoughts on birds …


Well, it was kind of a long day. You probably know the kind.  The clock seemed to move in slow motion while  the tasks piled up quicker than I could get them done. I had to be in the car by 6:50 a.m. and still felt like I was running behind.  Then I remembered that I had a meeting that I hadn’t yet completed the paperwork for…at 8:00 a.m. of course.  Note to self:  Never plan meetings for Monday mornings.  Especially Monday mornings at 8:00.  Especially Monday mornings when you’re required to be at cafeteria duty at 7:05.

But even though the day was long and the clock just kind of tick, tick, ticked slowly, I made it through with no major faux pas.(I did however, have a few co-workers not so jokingly ask me to quit yawning.  Yikes.  I was just so tired!)    The meeting went just fine, tasks were completed, and we all made it through the day in one piece. Sometimes  making it through a day  is something to feel proud of. Exhale and be thankful you get a fresh start in the morning.

So,  I walked in the door at home, made a cup of very necessary coffee,  grabbed my Bible and went out on to the deck.  I read a few psalms as I  sipped my coffee, and it was about that time that I noticed this loud bird, chirp, chirp, chirping up a storm.  And when I spotted this very loud bird, I realized it was only about 2 inches long!  It was too cute.  It’s whole little body seemed to inflate and shake with each chirp. It was singing its little heart out and just made me smile.


She looks pretty subdued in the photo, but don’t let her fool ya.  She’s quite the energetic one.  And she would fly all around but I could always tell where she was because she would sing the loudest.  It was kind of cool, because I thought about how I could hear a lot of birds, but I was attuned to her little chirp. Then again, she was quite the enthusiastic one, while the others seemed a bit more reserved with their chirping.

And then, I see this….it only took the robin about 30 seconds to fly, land, and catch a worm.  Talk about a quick dinner plan. Wish I could just whip  (dig) something up in 30 seconds for my dinner crowd.  This robin went about her business, hop-hop-hopping in the clover without a sound.  She was very efficient and flew off, probably to the nest of little birds that were waiting for their dinner. littlebirds2

And then, out of the corner of my eye came a flash of blue.  It was the most beautiful little blue bird.  It perched itself on a branch in the tree right in front of the deck and was sat silently for a few moments.  She didn’t seem to have a mission like the singing little bird or the ever-so-efficient food-hunting robin.  Nope, she just sat there looking around.  She stayed at one branch for awhile, then moved to another.  Watching the loudly singing little bird had made me chuckle. Watching the robin had made me think I wish I could be as efficient as she was.  And watching this little blue bird just made me …rest.  It just looked really peaceful and beautiful and content to not be flit-flit-flitting about with a mission. little birds3

And after a long day, I was glad to be sitting in the sunshine, resting, with no momentary mission…just resting.  (I think if I had more moments like that, there’d be less driving my coworkers crazy with the yawning.)

So here’s the thing.  We women are all birds of a feather. We just are.  But, our take on things, our approach, can be so very different.  Some of us amuse each other so much.  We’re the loud little chirpers who let everyone know where we are and what we’re doing and keep things moving.  Some of us are the quiet, stately, ever-so-efficient robins who get the job done quickly and move about our way. We are the organizers, the efficient check that off the listers who ensure that things move forward.  And some of us are the quiet bits of blue that come into others lives and remind them of the need to be still  a while. All three birds are doing their thing in their own way, and all three offer so much in different areas.  Love that.

There’s a host of other types of ‘birds’ out there. And each has something to give, to share. And each could, should be celebrated in others’ lives.  Wouldn’t that be great if we women could celebrate our differences, learn from each other, and offer our gifts and abilities without being threatened by them?  I’m so thankful for so many amazing women in my life who teach me, make me laugh, and encourage me to grow. I so need all types in my life for sure.  Watching  others do their thing without condemnation helps me learn from them and enjoy them.  I didn’t see any condescending little birds out there telling the little bird to pipe down or the blue bird to speak up.  They just let each other do their thing. Birds don’t expect to look the same.  I’m thinking we so shouldn’t either.

Just a few thoughts from my back yard.  Now, off to cook dinner.  (Any “robins” out there have any good, quick dinner tips for me?)

Blessings ~


“As each has received a gift, use it to serve one another, as good stewards of God’s varied grace.”

 Peter 4:8-10

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